Thoughts After Mother’s Day.

Once again, art nouveau is hard.

Once again, art nouveau is hard.

Oddly, this winds up being more of a personal post, much like the last time Queen Amidala of Naboo made an art nouveau appearance.

So, Mother’s Day just happened, hot on the heels of Free Comic Book Day. Mother’s Day put a whole lot of things on my mind, and thus created the art nouveau piece above. Given the fact that I’m a year out from some pretty ugly things that were said and done, I’ve had issues of family, and of being adopted, on my mind. Hence, another piece of art nouveau featuring the protagonist and Padme Amidala.

Once again, Amidala can’t really be the protagonist’s biological mother…she is too much of a baseline human, despite being from the planet Naboo. Still…she fits the criteria of the kind of character that is in my mind at this point…a weak character, who is nice enough, I suppose, but not really…about anything. I don’t want to get too dark here with real world comparisons, but the point of the strip is to acknowledge Padme’s weakness, not only as a character, but as a heroine. Certainly not role model material for a “family oriented film.” Heck, she DIED on the hospital bed because she had “lost the will to go on living.” Having two new born children to live for wasn’t enough. Weak character.

Still…at least there was some kind of decent adoption set up for those children. As I look at some of the real life situations going on around me, there are more than a couple of people that I know suddenly having relatively unplanned children. They seem really committed to the obligation and responsibility of having a kid, even if they didn’t plan to. That makes me really think hard about my own history, to be honest. Most of the time, when you are adopted, you think, “Well, my mother couldn’t take care of me, so she made this massive sacrifice to give me to people that could.”

What if that’s not the case? What if it was more like Padme Amidala, where you just sort of…aren’t in it for the long haul? That’s a pretty awful thought, founded in abandonment and other issues, and it has reared its head for me more than once over the past year or so. Heck, this weekend has had enough events in it to get me thinking of that kind of thing, and thinking hard about it. It’s pretty easy to walk away from a person, or obligations, without saying a word, and not look back. We fairly often do it to each other in our adult relationships, friendships and otherwise.

There’s a whole lot going on here compositionally…where the characters are looking, facial expressions and so forth. It took a while to execute, and I’m still not all that happy with it. Maybe that right there is a heavy handed metaphor for my life.

Summer is approaching, and very, very quickly. I’m considering designing a new Summer Uniform for the protagonist, but superhero costume design is one of the elements of the strip that I detest. It is startlingly hard. She could go back to last summer’s uniform, without the metal arm brace…I’ve been considering that. I just looked back at the art and posts from that very turbulent time period…it’s hard to believe the changes that have happened over the course of a calendar year.

One thought on “Thoughts After Mother’s Day.

  1. You’ve probably already seen this, but there are some pretty good art nouveau superheroes on this site:

    I like Iron Man, but my favorite is Super Mario near the bottom.

    Also, regarding Padme’s portrayal as a weak character, she actually is fairly robust in the Clone Wars, but admittedly takes a lame exit at the end of Revenge of the Sith. Given how mediocre that movie was in general, I think you should cut Padme some slack.

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