“If I Be Waspish, Best Beware My Sting…”

Shrinking is a tough super power to depict.

Shrinking is a tough super power to depict.

The title of the post is clearly a double reference. One, of course, is to the character depicted above, the size changing superheroine called the Wasp. The other is the direct quote, which is from Shakespeare’s “Taming of the Shrew.” I just started my final unit, on Shakesepeare’s writing, and the “beware my sting” quote seemed to fit.

Marvel Comics just introduced a new Wasp character into their continuity, a version much more aligned to the film franchises. The new Wasp is Nadia Pym, Hank’s daughter by his first wife. She’s Hungarian, and her name means “hope”…pretty much making her the character that we saw in this summer’s Ant-Man film. Even her costume resembles the one seen at the end of the film.

As I understand it, the Wasp does not make an appearance in “Captain America: Civil War.” I have yet to see the film, but by all accounts, it is fantastic. I liked the character of Hope Pym in Ant-Man, so I’m a bit disappointed that she isn’t in this film. Still…there is a huge cast in the ‘Civil War” film, so maybe it is for the best.

Really, this was drawn as a composition experiment. I wanted to try and get the effect of shrinking (or maybe growing back to full size) in motion, as it was happening. That’s something that I don’t often try and realize in illustration, the kinds of “moving” effects that used to be constant in say, Carmine Infantino’s “Flash” stories. I also wanted to work out a good grid for three point perspective, to get a truly depth and eyeline driven setting. I rarely use three point perspective, despite how powerful the resulting visuals are.

A short post, here, True Believers, for this Friday. Content for the weekend, and possibly a bit beyond, is already in the hopper, so for once, I’m ahead. No complaints about that.


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