Meanwhile, Back In The Edu-Dungeon…

Yep...back in the Edu-Dungeons, with this guy.

Yep…back in the Edu-Dungeons, with this guy.

Yes, that guy is supposed to have three fingers and a thumb. He is a decomposing super evolved beat man of some kind. Maybe a hyper sloth, I don’t know.

Our hero is back looking at this guy’s metaphorical corpse, in the Edu-Dungeon. This is hot on the heels of the Edu-Matrix being revealed, and the Deals within it being somewhat slanted in order to accommodate the loss of certain key personnel. a few weeks ago, I talked about two of those unexpected Open Positions, one being from a teacher who had more years in than I do.

Obviously, some of the class sections that were redistributed came from one of those liquidated lines. That’s what the “access chip” in Panel Two is about. Digging something out with a fork is pretty crude and unrefined, much like the way that line of classes was redistributed across several teachers’ worth of schedules. It would have been far easier to hire a new teacher to handle the existing line, with one “prep” for class on that line…while reducing the number of different class types required by two to three other teachers. The Edu-Lords didn’t do that, though, for reasons that make little to no sense upon examination.

Despite doing the leg work of looking into the decisions, and making sure that a back door to a proper class schedule is in place, should the option arise…I’m getting more or less set with the idea of my amended schedule of classes for next year. The team of teachers that I will be planning with is certainly effective enough, and the bulk of my classes remains the same. When I compare this to the problems that I had at this time last year, I feel a little silly being cross at all.

Still…I have been avoiding administrators as much as possible. The good thing about teaching high school is that the only people that you really HAVE to see are your students. If you come in early (like I do) and leave late (yep), you see almost NO other adults. The rush to sign in just before school, and right after, is the time that most teachers encounter out of classroom staff, and I successfully avoid that by the nature of my own schedule. I feel like this is for the best…that I still would like to avoid saying something to overtly prickly, and could use a bit of cooling off time before I do.

That isn’t to say that I didn’t set our Union Rep on a Fool’s Errand pursuing things related to the Ed-Matrix…because I did. It’s his JOB as Union Rep, so he might as well looking into things and make some mouth noises. I’m not doing any kind of grievance, that would be silly. It’s just that there were elements of procedure that were clearly not followed, and the idea should be set in place that the next time, they would be followed.

Honestly, my friend and I just didn’t want to pick up the classes of a teacher who made mistakes, and was let go for them. We have our own classes to teach, that we were in fact expressly hired to teach, that we enjoy the course content of. The Edu-Lords can hang onto those other guys’ access chips, because we don’t particularly want them.


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