Thursday’s Charge.

A lot going on in this simple panel...

A lot going on in this simple panel…

Apologies for the later post than usual…in fact, I am writing this post in the rarest of places…actual School. That’s right, direct from my conference period at the Edu-Mountain, to your InterWebs, True Believers. Yesterday was so chock full o’ drama and Events, that the actual art did not happen until early this morning, and the digital process took place in my fabled Edu-Dungeon, while I worked my way through a stack of graded papers to enter into the computer.

So…what’s this all about?

First of all…I am still rolling around in FC3, the Loaner Car, as the Loaner Pegasus shows. Fingers are crossed that the plotline there will come to a close very soon. The only reason that it hadn’t already is because the mechanic who specializes in the final stage broke his ankle over the weekend. As no stranger to leg injuries myself, I am very willing to cut the guy some serious slack for that. In fact, I’m sincerely hoping that he’s feeling much better, because that is a really tough injury.

The end of the school year is nigh, which means that I have to enter large amounts of grades, as a preparation for the Final Report Card. I have a few Seniors making up Tenth Grade English, and they have a Huge Amount riding on the quest to pass. Those students have an earlier grade deadline, and if they should fail, the will not graduate. So clearly, that is a big deal.

I also need to prepare Fail Notices for my Tenth Graders in danger of failing. It looks like I’ll need about forty, which seems like a whole lot…until you consider that I have around two hundred students total. It comes out to about one out of five students failing, which would be nice if it were smaller…but sadly, the work isn’t in the system. Calculating those grades has been a massive, massive task, that I keep coming back to.

Amidst all of that paperwork, I also had to make time to counsel students through their young people dramas, which tend to escalate at this time of year. That resulted in the need to think about my role as a Mandatory Reporter, which is always modestly stressful. That consult happened, and then some parent conferences. See why yesterday was so busy? Yes you do.

During all of this, the Edu-Lords asked me to help locate another English teacher for the staff, someone “good and reliable.” This seemed an ironic request, after I felt so played and unhappy with the scheduling Matrix. That random Knight that the protagonist is telling to back off…that represents a few of the odd, extraneous requests made by the Edu-Lords this week.

The suggested background here is kind of an open area of the Edu-Mountain, possibly the parking lot. I chose that because when I was actually asked to look out for a “good English teacher,” it was pretty much right when I showed up, in the parking lot. You see how the Process works, Gentle Reader? Things happen, then I draw.

A busy piece of artwork for a busy, busy day.

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