Hail To The Chief!

At least this election went well...

At least this election went well…

The Leadership positions for next year are being filled this week. A panel of Students and Staff are conducting interviews for the various Representative positions applied for, and as a result, many of my applicants are losing their young minds from stress. I have spent a decent amount of homeroom and lunch time coaching through the questions, and responses…also have been loitering about the area where interviews happen as a kind of “moral support.” So far, my students seem to have been doing well, although one of them had an issue of scandal right before her interview.

By scandal, I mean that she got in trouble, in class, with one of the teachers on the interview panel…who in turn, immediately brought things to my attention. Right before the interview, responsibilities were accepted, apologies made, and the matter solved, so that was a pretty good thing. Arguably, one would wish that actual politics went so smoothly.

In bigger school politics news…the young lady that I drew a poster for (A GIANT POSTER) won the election for President of the Class of 2018! I was pretty excited about that, and as a result, drew the above image of the presidential young lady being sworn in by some sort of Decrepit Edu-Lord. I was after contrasting her youth, energy, and vitality, as well as straight up human appearance against a clearly ancient, arguably mutated Edu-Lord. My student really wants to effect positive change at the school, to make new things happen and attempt a kind of reform of student involvement…so that contrast seemed on point.

More importantly, I am beside myself with pride over the young lady who won…and in fact, over the young people who are interviewing this week. I’ve gotten feedback from staff that the young people I recommended have been strong interviewees, and are some of the strongest applicants. I think hearing that gives me a glimpse of what it’s like to be a parent, and hear people say nice things about your kids.


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