Fail Hydra.

Talk about an awkward commute.  Sheesh.

Talk about an awkward commute. Sheesh.

Despite yesterday’s post, I’ve been getting a huge amount of communication regarding my opinion of Captain America No.1, and the “Hail Hydra” plot twist. I find that pretty amazing, really, but it deserves a point of clarity…and a more direct piece of artwork. As a result of all of this Outrage, I’m going to be running with Outrage Content for the week…things that have garnered the ire of the comics community, or things that maybe should have. You’ll find that most of them really don’t warrant any kind of Outrage, and certainly don’t warrant abusive, angry notes to the creators of the content.

Once again…Nick Spencer, the writer of Captain America, has gotten death threats. There’s no way to say “just kidding” on that, people. First of all, generally any sentence that prompts an immediate “just kidding” was pretty Epic Level Douchebaggery to begin with, so you should A) not say that sentence, and B) stop saying “just kidding.” You’ll be a better human. More importantly…there’s nothing funny about death threats to people, so that’s a thing that needs to just stop. Especially over comics. Nick Spencer has been tweeting that he “admires the passion” of such readers…which is Master Level High Road Taking.

On the subject of the story…it was okay. I thought it was well executed, including the big Last Page Reveal. I’m not that big of a Captain America fan…the book works when it works, but it appeals to a different kind of reader, who is looking for different things than I am. All in all, it was a good comic book. It wouldn’t be doing half so well in sales if not for all the publicity, but that’s kin of the point of a Last Page Reveal.

I might get the second issue, I might not. I have a month to decide, after all, and it was pretty good. Some choices in the story I don’t get, like rapidly aging Sharon Carter up to her chronological age, instead of her Comic Book Time age. In fact…I’m rather surprised the internet didn’t get mad about that.

Honestly, I would have been more understanding of the Outrage if Cap’s speech balloon said something other than “Hail Hydra.” For instance, “I don’t vote, your know.” That would have been something that made me lose my mind. Or…he could have said something actually awful, that exists in the Real World, making him an Awful Person. He didn’t do that…so where I “get it” that there’s a Controversy, I don’t exactly “get it.”

On a pseudo related note, I finally saw “Captain America: Civil War.” It was good…and again, this comes from someone who loves comics and not film…and isn’t all that big a Captain America fan. To get the endorsement off of me, they had to have done a pretty damn good job, especially since I wasn’t overly fond of the source material. They did the same thing with “Winter Soldier,” making a solid film out of source material that I didn’t like too much.

That actually is a related point. The internet seemed to like “Civil War” as a film…but the films Central Premise is that Cap’s beloved boyhood best friend is a Hydra sleeper agent who murdered his other buddy’s parents. Ostensibly, using the logic of the people harassing Nick Spencer, Cap’s best friend is a Nazi sleeper agent. That’s okay? But Cap saying “Hail Hydra” at the end of a comic book isn’t?

Perspective, Outrage People. Perspective.

The title of this post comes from the final report cards that will be generated soon…where there is of course concern about failing students. This week, students will be negotiating grades in earnest, while I attempt to finish up “Julius Caesar.” Exciting stuff.


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