The Clean Up Begins…

My classroom is slightly better organized than this Edu-Dungeon.

My classroom is slightly better organized than this Edu-Dungeon.

This is the last week of school, and the last full day with students at the Edu-Mountain. The remainder of the week is a series of “minimum days,” where school starts at the normal time, but ends as far as class instruction goes at about twelve thirty. The remaining three hours or so is devoted to meetings and trainings, or if I am very, very lucky, time to get our classrooms taken down, roll books completed, and so on.

For me, the roll book is a “no-brainer” this time. I used the MISIS online gradebook, which means that I merely have to hand back the rollbook cover sheet, the Verification of Marks sheets, and any parent contact logs. All of that is already in the system, so it is just hitting “print.” I have a small amount of grade data to enter, but that should be done before any of the minimum days even start to happen. Normally the final gradebook is a bit of a paperwork bear for me to address, so having things so completely done and stress free is very, very nice.

Taking down the classroom shouldn’t be that much trouble either. Although I am very “moved in,” it’s really a matter of taking down student work, and handing it back. Then taking down posters, and putting them in some sort of convenient storage in the classroom. The same for the college pennants and so on. Rolling up the rug and putting it in a closet. Cleaning up my desk, and throwing away some garbage. All told…not something that will take a week.

In fact, the toughest part will simply be putting things into clearly labeled boxes… and my homeroom has enough intelligent, charming students that the process should take no real time at all.

The week itself looks to be good…with sports, Magic: The Gathering, graduation, and grad night as all “events” taking place. It’s all very new to me, having never been a high school teacher before. I certainly don’t remember caring this much about the end of high school when I experienced it as a student. I think though, I have a similar mentality right now to the seniors…the end of the year seems to be rushing up, quite quickly, and I feel ever so slightly unprepared to put things in order at the very end.

The difference, of course, is that my feeling is imaginary, and I have ended school years before. The seniors…they are looking at an end to pretty much everything that they know. In one week, they are expected to be young adults, either scholars headed for college, or looking for a job in the workforce. Where I simply do what happens every summer, and need to turn in paperwork, the seniors must go boldly into the undiscovered country of Adulthood.


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