Fantasy Basketball.

I hope they super evolve that reptile guy into something prettier.

I hope they super evolve that reptile guy into something prettier.

That’s right True Believers…Street Ball, Edu-Mountain style! Edu-Knights vs. the unevolved in an earth shattering, senses blistering, spleen exploding confrontation to determine just one thing. Which side is better at putting a nine and a half inch diameter ball into a hoop ten feet above their heads. Who can correctly capture the majesty of such an epic conflict?

Actually, I’m thinking I captured it, and pretty @#$%ing well.

Today, I will be playing basketball for a large portion of the academic day. This is in the Seniors vs. Teachers Event, which seems pretty self explanatory to me, so i won’t get too into it. The game begins at 9:30 AM, and runs for much of the Academic Day, which is a shortened Minimum Day. My students, of course, will be able to attend, but I really am unsure whether they will be cheering for me, or otherwise verbally participating.

For the Event, I have put aside a substantial amount of Ravenclaw themed athletic gear. From the Quidditch Jersey with my name on the back (and the number 4), to my Ravenclaw sweats and goggles, I will be very certainly representing a completely fictitious school. Sadly, a large number of my students will not realize this, and I am almost certainly due to field a large number of questions that are better answered by J.K. Rowling.

After the game, I will be in a severely long English Department meeting for the rest of the day. I’m pretty sure that’s a direct example of Karma in action…one thing that is pretty awesome and fun, which pretty much anyone would like to be paid an hourly rate for, followed by something painfully boring and uninteresting.

About the art: I wanted the protagonist to be in some kind of athletic gear, in this case representing her place as a former substitute member of the Fantastic Four. I also wanted some kind of animal/creature to be playing defense….so I went with a Mini-Godzilla. I figure Mini-Godzillas would be intimidating to play against, and good on defense with their nuclear breath. Also, they could be super evolved into something less random and destructive, which arguably is the point of graduation…which happens in two days.

Basketball, no matter how little skill I have at it now, is still way better than grinding paperwork or meetings. I’m looking forward to the game.

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