Take Care Of The Edu-Dungeon For Me…

"We'll be back in no time at all, you'll see."

“We’ll be back in no time at all, you’ll see.”

a quick sketch…since it has been a long day.

I used the caption for the image instead of speech balloons…because I wanted it unclear whether the protagonist is telling that to her student, or the other way around. Today will be the last day of the year with students present, and I can say that I will in fact, miss a good number of them. It is a far different farewell than last year, when I packed my things, and turned around, without looking back.

Graduation went well, and was charming. It was a long day, to be sure, with me leaving campus at nine thirty at night. That made it over a twelve hour day…but it is hugely unfair for me to really complain about it. The “minimum day” ended at twelve thirty, and about half an hour later, the “Magic: The Gathering kids came by to play the “Boxed Set” version of Dungeons and Dragons. Two hours of that later, we had prevailed over the adventure, and played two five player Magic games. At that point…I had to square away things for my guest, which I did, and then, there was a bit of waiting. Cleaning up the classroom let to graduation, which in turn, led to home.

I considered drawing about the big gaming session on campus, which was excellent. Quality time with intelligent young people, included in their pursuits as a welcome equal. It’s just really nice, and it had been a while since my time as a teacher provided that. I probably will draw such a post, some time next week.

Instead, though…I wanted to capture the feeling of this last day, and graduation. Of the fondness that I have for my students, and they seem to have toward me. I wanted to capture the idea that we will miss each other in the interim months, and that the whole teacher-student relationship, by and large, was overwhelmingly positive over the course of the year. I didn’t want to draw some depressing feeling of packing up and leaving, nor did I want to attempt to illustrate some kind of rocketing off into the sunset. Monday, perhaps, when it is just a building, and adults that would be left in the dust of the Mega-Impala. Today, though…it’s a mutual, fond goodbye…or more accurately, “see you in three months.”

About the art, more technically…it has been a while since I drew a leather jacket, and I wanted our hero to be dressed for some kind of travel adventure. As for her student…one of my finest young students will be working for the district in some kind of accessory capacity…making her very much a “superhero in training” by Edu-Mountain standards. Having her in the kind of uniform worn by Marvel Heroes in training seemed very much on point. I wanted to have the setting clearly be the Ed-Mountain, but outside, away from the Edu-Dungeon where the protagonist works…I wanted to set it in the “nice part” of the mountain. I also wanted our hero to be leaving with a sort of “You’re in charge until I get back” posture…because really, that’s how the end of this year feels.

I even let a student hug me at graduation. I must be getting sensitive as I get older.


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