Punched In The Face While Eating Stolen Tacos!

Today's strip is educational.

Today’s strip is educational.

What can we learn from today’s strip, True Believers? Let’s list:

1. It’s not smart to leave a crime scene in a convertible, when you KNOW that superheroes can fly, and many of them are Mexican Food Enthusiasts. Bad Plan.
2. By VOTING, you too can stop a Trumpocalypse from happening. It’s a whole lot smarter than trying to stockpile tacos in preparation for Doom and Gloom.
3. Most of the problems of a Trumpocalypse would actually be economic in nature. The world won’t end…but if he WERE to be our leader, that leader would be a @#$%. No one wants to trade with @#$%s, or move to countries run by @#$%s, so the economy would quickly go to @#$%.
4. Those guys in the car probably need serious medical attention. The protagonist is nigh invulnerable, and super strong enough to fight the Hulk…and she just punched them.
5. Don’t punch people while they are driving. Unless you are nigh invulnerable, you will cause car accident that pretty much none of the occupants, including you, will be okay with.
6. Tacos are a valuable resource, that MUST be protected.

Doing the digital for this page was a hassle, and for that, I also blame the Republican Frontrunner. The idea that the digital transfer was unreasonably hard seemed like just another sign of a possible Trumpocalypse. I don’t love being political about topics outside of teaching (at least here on the strip), but I figure I should use my free speech rights while I have them.

Hoping all of you Gentle Readers had a good week, and many, many legally purchased tacos.


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