Spotlight On…Taco Belle!

A lot of digital work to get that "coloring book" style page.

A lot of digital work to get that “coloring book” style page.

When she was first introduced, in the artwork for the “Farewell Dance” at my school, Taco Belle was a big hit with readers. Comments were made, e-mails sent…all in all, it was a Big Deal, which surprised me. Since I’m continuing to work on my ability to draw hands doing normal things, as well as my ability to emulate the Disney House Style, we get a whole page of Taco Belle.

Also, I ate at a Taco Bell yesterday for the first time in ages.

For those of you that debate whether Taco Evolution is a real thing (Taco Creationists, if you will) I point you to the Taco Menu at Taco Bell. Like Darwin’s Finches, Tacos evolve there to fit every possible niche. Hard Shell, Soft Shell, Doritos Locos, and Taco Supreme. Name a meat…they put it in a taco. There’s this thing called the Quesarito…it’s what you think it is, True Believer…they make a burrito, using a quessadilla as the tortilla. I was amazed that I was somehow unaware of this, and further, that I didn’t think of it myself.

Eating that quick lunch got me thinking about Taco Belle again, and voila! Art for today.

Thanks to all of you for your previous feedback on Taco Belle. I imagine she’ll be some kind of recurring character…since she does bring Tacos to the table, and the protagonist is a known Taco Enthusiast.

I did a whole lot of digital work to make the page super white…so that it can be printed and used as a coloring book page with ease. A while ago I noticed that a web site had been offering my pages as coloring book pages, and was flattered. In this instance, I’ve intentionally made an offering for all of you adults (and I guess children too) who like to color as a pastime.

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