The Beard Hunter, Part Three!

Over the top, terse narration boxes?  Easy peasy.

Over the top, terse narration boxes? Easy peasy.

Today is the last part of the three part “Beard Hunter” story as such. I considered doing sort of a Beard Hunter Week, but although it has been artistically interesting, I’m feeling like I’m pretty done with the Beard Hunter for right now. He will have to walk off, with his Bic Disposable Razor, into the sunset without looking back.

The Bic Disposable Razor was key to the story here. Ages ago, in college, we had this odd friend who hung around with us. One day, for no real reason, he chose to climb the building to get into the apartment where we were all hanging out, instead of say, using the door. That wasn’t the over the top part. He then mentioned that he got into trouble on the way over, having encountered “a small barrio gang.” Naturally, we asked him what happened.

He reached into his leather jacket, and produced a Bic Disposable Razor. “Fortunately, I had THIS.” That was it. No explanation beyond that.

Like I said before, and odd friend.

A kindred spirit to the Beard Hunter, I would think. Over the top tough guy stuff, bulging muscles, terse narration. All the key elements, although I don’t know what our college friend’s “lonely one man war” might have been against. In retrospect, it’s probably best that I can’t figure that out.

Artistically, it has been an interesting diversion. One of the things that I did completely differently was determine the size and placement of the narration boxes, but not decide on the narration. The whole page was inked, and ready to go, and then, as a final point, I added the narration text. That’s a different process than usual, and much closer to Stan Lee’s “Marvel Method.”

It really benefited the minimalist narration, because honestly…I should have made the boxes bigger, given the page size and layout. As a result, the Beard Hunter became even more laconic, and as a result, more “on point” with his absurd character.


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