X-Wing: Adorable Zone!

Oh snap!  Adorable Zone Hera!

Oh snap! Adorable Zone Hera!

I played some X-Wing with friends this weekend…with school out, and the car fixed up, there is time for this pursuit. I brought my “Ghost” ship, which is from Star Wars: Rebels, and like most times I play with it, it was fun, but there was little chance of actually winning. My “build” on the ship is just too basic, and the giant honking thing makes too big and threatening a target for it to be left alone much.

Most of my friends have been repainting their own tiny spaceships, which is very, very cool. I, myself, absolutely fear paint…it is not a medium that has ever been my friend. Still…I think it would be fun to put a color Chibi Adorable Zone Hera on a Ghost model, and maybe have a flock of butterflies on it. Sort of an odd counterpoint to the very serious, very military paint jobs that are applied. If not butterflies, maybe leaves in the wind. Either way, just something really offbeat, and at odds with the general trend.

One of my closest friends has done that kind of thing. He likes used, battle damages ships, and also bright contrasting colors. Despite “flying” primarily Imperial Squadrons, he has repainted all of his ships (with substantial assistance from his wife) to reflect his preferences over canon. The tiny fighters look fantastic on the table, and provide a massive visual counterpoint to the “fresh out of the showroom” repaints that other people do. In addition, he actually played quite well on Saturday, while having his little spaceships look spectacular.

Whereas I haven’t been painting my little spaceships, I did fuss around with the “build.” See, in the structure of the game, you can put little add ons and what not on your tiny spaceships that change their performance or effectiveness. At least in terms of the “build” I should be substantially more competitive the next time I play.

Why Adorable Zone Hera? Well, you can also choose your pilot, and Hera Syndulla is canonically the pilot of the Ghost. In addition, her “special ability” makes her great….she can “change her mind” in mid flight, basically cutting the wheel hard in a new direction, as things happen. The ability to “change your mind” in X-Wing is really, really useful. Plus…I like her as a character. She’s like the mom of this bunch of misfits and children that live in her big space Winnebago.

In fact, when I play the game, I wear a hat not unlike her flight hat, and a tiny Lego figure of her on a necklace that my friend made for me. So…clearly, I am committed to this “build,” and finding a way to make it more competitive.

Maybe even painting on one of them. I love the idea of brightly colored, festive, absurdist paint jobs in such a “serious” sci-fi miniatures game. It’s actually really useful, too, in play. Much like Manfred Von Richtofen (the Red Baron) painted his plane bright red so that his friends would know who he was, and not shoot at him…at the end of play, everyone knows which minis are yours, and which are theirs.


My favorite thing? While they were doing the paint on his brightly colored TIEs, my friends decided to put blue glitter stones in the engine ports…because glitter.


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