Everybody’s Free (To Launch Robots).

He was about to launch a Giant Nazi Robot with Hitler's Face.

He was about to launch a Giant Nazi Robot with Hitler’s Face.

Because, as all comic book readers know, Nazi Supervillains tend to launch giant robots as part of their Big Plan. I’m pretty sure it’s in their training manual. Kind of a thing that you can count on, when dealing with that whole category of Bad Guys.

Trying very hard to avoid political preachiness, as well, because that’s not the point here. Given the holiday, it’s a bit hard to avoid a bit of political commentary though.

It’s the Fourth of July, an American holiday that I often have a bit of trouble navigating. I like my freedoms, and generally find the States a nice place to live, but when it comes to the kind of outspoken patriotism that happens around the Fourth…it’s odd and uncomfortable to me. In addition, the political climate in the United States right now is downright scary, given some of the frankly fascist, racist, and reactionary things that candidates for president, congress, and even local government have coming out of their mouths.

Given Free Speech, they are allowed to say that stuff. Also, I’m allowed to be worried that people seem to be supporting and/or echoing those ideas.

Really worried, in fact.

Artistically, I was originally thinking of drawing the protagonist punching Donald Trump in the face, not unlike the cover to Captain America No. 1. On Captain America No. 1, Cap is establishing his bona fides as a superhero by punching Hitler in the face, and pretty hard. It seemed clever, which is why the cover homage with Donald Trump has already happened on a Mexican Comic here, and a piece of Marvel fan art here. I figured that ground had been pretty well covered, but might come back to it anyway.

Also, having been completely proven right about the whole “Captain America is a Nazi now” Internet storm, I wanted to reference some sort of old school, patriotic comic book idea. I also wanted to do a horizontal composition…it has been maybe a week since I have. A whole lot going on there, in terms of what I wanted to do.

Since the Red Skull (usually a Nazi Supervillain, but sometimes a Communist) was actually responsible for Captain America retroactively being a Hydra agent, and more importantly, seems right at home with today’s politics, he won the draft. Sort of.

You see…the Red Skull is actually kind of too “A-list” for this schtick. As a result, we have the knock off Nazi villain above. The White Cranium? I feel like he should have “white” in his name, for obvious reasons. He’s clearly kind of tough, since he just took a Lenticular Shield to the head, thrown by an Alien American that can toss cars into the Sun and lift mountains. I have to imagine that he has some kind of Super Solider Serum happening, in order to take that hit and keep twitching.

Oddly, that seems kind of on point as well. It seems like the most embarrassing parts of humanity are tough to deal with…the radical right wing groups, the racists, other bigots, the militias and so forth. Maybe the White Cranium is a better metaphor than I thought he was when he went down on paper.

I was talking to a friend over the weekend about a Summer Uniform for the protagonist, and he suggested something that referenced the political climate. Something possibly retro, involving jodhpurs. Jodhpurs are a @#$% to draw, so I’m pretty sure that feedback is not happening. What we got out of it was the White Cranium there, as a retro, fascist bad guy.

So there we go. July Fourth. Go to a barbecue. Hang out with friends. Be excellent to each other.


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