First Bank of the Panther God (What’s In YOUR Wallet?)

Look up "awesome" in the dictionary.  Right now.

Look up “awesome” in the dictionary. Right now.

I’m thinking, if you did, you saw something like that.

There is so much going on in this image that I want to pretty much itemize it for a moment. The protagonist is in some kind of Insano Battle for that clearly Radioactive Frog with gears and science in it. An African Science Princess is about to shoot her in the back with a laser, as well as a little guy with a monocle, who may or may not be a Nazi war criminal. There’s that helmet wearing thug trying to wrestle her before she grabs it, who clearly has some kind of superstrength. Vacation Time Pony is looking on with disapproval, as the whole thing is in some kind of secret, yet open air temple.

This, True Believers, is why Wakanda is a fantastic setting. Most of this madness is par for the course when you’re the Black Panther.

Our hero doesn’t look all that troubled by the whole thing, although she does have special gloves for the grabbing of the Ancient Frog, and Vacation Time Pony is wearing protective lenses. See…she intends to pay for her stay in Wakanda with the Science Frog. Sure, other people pay for their vacations with things like “money.” Sheesh. Why do you have to be that way about it, True Believers?

In Wakanda, fabled artifacts from space and other time periods are a perfectly valid form of currency. In fact, probably better than money, I should think. It’s why their economy is prospering, and ours is a mess. A proliferation of possibly radioactive Science Frogs as currency. Or at least as something to collateralize for a line of credit.

A lot of the content above is based on content by Jack Kirby that completely blew my mind when I was young. Just the sheer energy, fun, and mind blowing concepts per page…was terrific. The kind of thing that was about the sheer power of imagination…just, in my opinion, a big part of the point of comics as a medium. You can illustrate anything….there are no budget constraints, short of what your imagination, or self consciousness, restricts you to.

I’m enjoying this descent into hardcore Kirby Inspired Artwork, which will very much be the style for most of the Wakandan Vacation. It’s complicated as hell to draw, and even tougher to digitally transfer, but so full of energy and excitement, it really suits the idea of having a good vacation day.

Also, I did just get paid…so vacation got substantially better. Sadly, I was not paid in Radioactive Science Frogs…just plain old dollars. Computers were involved though, so there’s that.


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