Hotel Wakanda!

See...when you get paid, you can do fun things.  The one LEADS to the other.

See…when you get paid, you can do fun things. The one LEADS to the other.

Really, that’s all that today’s post is about. I just got paid a few days ago, and have no insanely large, looming bills over my head. That doesn’t mean that it’s time to go blow every last dime in the account…but it removes a level of stress that I had become very accustomed to. It’s kind of a good thing, in a way, in that I’ve become accustomed to living a bit more cheaply than I tend to…which helps to build up a “buffer” for those Emergency Situations.

Drawing in this week’s basic style, that of Jack Kirby has also helped to keep cost down…because it takes so @#$%ing long! I have no idea how Kirby managed to do more than one page in a day, much less multiple pages, for multiple comic books! Getting the tone of the figures is hard enough…but the sheer amount of miniscule detail work that goes into the backgrounds and settings…it’s amazing how long it takes. Panel Two, above, took over an hour, and Panel One, a similar time frame.

In this page, I actually left myself speech balloons drawn in the initial art, but blank. I’ve been unhappy with my digital letting font for ages, so I imported something that I think works a whole lot better, and then digitally lettered. I think it came out well…but more importantly was the lettering content. I only had a vague “gist” of what I wanted the dialogue to be, and then based on the space considerations of the balloons and the font, I chose dialogue that fit. It really makes a whole lot more of the story telling rely on the art, doing it that way.

There’s at least a few more days of “Wakandan Vacation” in the works, so hopefully it isn’t all that boring. In terms of education…there’s not a whole lot going on, as it is the Summer. Sure…it’s expected that the Vergara Case will find out whether the California Supreme Court will hear it on appeal…and that is interesting. There’s just not any developments to be involved in, or draw about. I don’t teach summer school, because really, a big part of the point of being a teacher is the summers that you get off. Given the “creative process” for Adequacy, that leaves not a whole lot for content…and things like Wakandan Vacation Time happen.

Artistically, it’s very cool for me…without the same kind of time pressure, I can expand the way that I produce the art, and experiment with new techniques and styles. In terms of content, it’s sometimes a struggle to know what I want to put down on the page, because…well, nothing is happening. That’s almost as bad as having time pressure….usually, I know what I want to draw, and have to fit the drawing in between small gaps of time, a day or so ahead of publishing. Here…the “publish” deadline is the problem, because I have to think…”Hmmm…what do I draw about today?”

Tomorrow, and even the next day, at least, have a plan though…! Yay. I just have to draw them, and these complex backgrounds are a @#$%.


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