There Is A Strict Dress Code In Wakanda.

I'm very happy with this page.

I’m very happy with this page.

Although it was a @#$% to draw. Especially the costume in Panel Two.

The costume in Panel Two has major nods to Kirby design elements in it, with the geometrically shaped panels of color and black, the weird pseudo hood, and the crazy boots. It also makes homage to a lot of things that I don’t like about 90’s era superhero design, including the same kind of faux hoodie, and the crazy, attached in some odd way mega holster for a mega-blaster of some kind. I’ve been making mouth noises for a bit about the idea of a Summer Uniform…this won’t be it. We will be seeing is some more during the Wakandan Vacation plot, but really…it’s a huge hassle to draw.

I’m seriously wondering if tomorrow I will be able to remember where all the little shapes go. I will undoubtedly be looking at my own art as a reference.

Also…in my mind, I’m not really sure what color the non-black portions of it would be. Maybe blue? Maybe green? She tends to wear a whole lot of green this past year…but the Wakandan Fashion Police literally just tore her t-shirt and pants off and burned them, for being an eyesore. And possible for being a little gross. She did just fight the White Cranium AND all those other people for the Science Frog. They are probably pretty foul.

Artistically, this is a continued effort in my exploration of Kirby Style Settings and design, which is hugely hard and time consuming. The results are pretty excellent, but I’m not only amazed at kirby as an artist, but at anyone, like Scott Koblish or Tom Scioli, who can regularly emulate his style. I’ll be continuing it in the next post, as well as theoretically inking and coloring some of the past efforts.

Feel free to suggest colors for this temporary costume. That would be fun. Fan engagement, and so on….I hear that’s pretty important to creators these days. Heck, look at the influence it has on Marvel’s decisions, and DC’s Rebirth.

That’s all from Wakanda today. Be excellent to each other.


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