Cosmic Reprisals!

Thankfully, this level of Cosmic Reprisal has not yet happened.

Thankfully, this level of Cosmic Reprisal has not yet happened.

It has been about 36 hours since she “jinxed her vacation.” In that time frame, I have expected some sort of Karmic Balancing, as if my own vacation was going Too Well. The second that you even think something like that, Student Loan Officers send you Angry Mail, the IRS contacts you, or an unexpected car problem ensues. You trip and fall, and wind up seeing a dentist. The Universe has an infinite number of ways to go after you on that, and sometimes, they all seem to happen at once in a confusing hodge podge.

That’s the art. A Kirby Style confusing mess of craziness, that our hero is trying to dodge and/or solve. If you look at the Extreme Left of the image, you will see another guy with a monocle, a different guy than the last one. I think monocles must be cool in Wakanda. As a counterpoint, there is a complete bad @#$ at the extreme right, who has just one eye floating above his shoulders, as his entire head…and is shooting lighting out of it.

Right now, I don’t have anything like this madness. I have to make some coffee, and then get some stamps. That’s the level of complexity, and I can deal with that…since second semester was full of continued life dramas, like the roof issue (with rain at the time) the Car Drama (which went on forever) and then just routine random things. After that couple of months, the idea of a Quest to get stamps is pretty nice.

This was tough to draw. I had to lay out where a figure would be, then kind of get the gist of that, and then lay out how the rest of the image would overlap it and interact with it. I actually had to keep turning the orientation of the paper, sometimes to upside down, to keep from smearing the work. Jack Kirby did this kind of thing ALL THE TIME, and it took me a bit over two hours.

I felt the art was a bit confusing as such, so I took the pencils, and very harshly lit them. Then I ran them through a high contrast filter, in black and white, producing the version below. It is very much like a coloring book page, and Adult Coloring Books are all the rage now. My initial point was to make a version that you could pick out the figures and the action more easily on…but by all means, feel free to print it, color it, scan it, and send it back in the “comments.”

Or, I guess if you’re that fancy, digitally color it. It’s your coloring page, after all, you can do what you want.

Mush harsher lighting, and higher contrast rate.

Mush harsher lighting, and higher contrast rate.

A few years ago, I saw online that some pages of Adequacy were being used by another web site, as downloadable coloring pages. At first I didn’t know what to think about that, but I settled on being oddly proud of it. Like the artwork had gotten to the point that other web sites were going to swipe it for their own use and traffic.

As it is, my two goals today are to get stamps, and to avoid Cosmic Reprisals for a good vacation, as depicted above.


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