Spicy Justice! (Served Up Daily)

Our hero serves up a spicy dish of pain to her unexpected enemies.

Our hero serves up a spicy dish of pain to her unexpected enemies.

After the last post, I felt like all of those sudden, unexpected cosmic forces needed to be dealt with, so we have today’s post. My own life is still surprisingly bereft of Cosmic Forces attempting to balance the scales on a few nice weeks, but to be honest, I feel like that’s entirely because I’m expecting it, and waiting for some kind of proverbial hammer to drop. The moment that I sincerely let my guard down…that’s when things are going to take a horrible and awkward Left Turn.

In the interest of staying ahead of that, and in line with the content, I sent a massive blast of paperwork to my Student Loan Officer. That blast should keep them busy for a while, and that’s a good thing. It was in fact a massive ream of confusing forms, which if processed properly, will actually keep that situation in good standing in perpetuity.

Just so we know…they have never, in fact, been processed properly. It’s a deadly game of financial cat and mouse.

People are bewildered that I still have Student Loans, which is amazing to me. Literally in the same breath that people talk to me about Low Teacher Pay, they are amazed that I hadn’t paid off my relatively small amount of student loan debt. The one thing PREVENTS the other, people. Always, always the next step is to attempt to inform me about various programs that forgive teacher student loan debt.

Mentally, I understand that this is actually a person sharing what they know, in an attempt to be helpful. I get that. In my mind, I always think, “I’m a teacher…do you think I really have NEVER heard of that? Or just didn’t apply?” It would be like trying to tell a Catholic Priest a new fact about Jesus. They kind of have to know that territory backward and forward to get through the day, so maybe, just maybe, he’s heard that one.

Still…it is the phenomena of people awkwardly attempting to be excellent to each other, to do a Proverbial Solid, so I must minimize my criticisms.

Art wise, I have no idea what that Wicked Looking Science Gun does, or shoots. Some kind of beam, from the last two posts, clearly. Every time I draw it, it seems to accrue more Kirby Science all over it, which is fun to do. Oddly, I was a bit in the mind of the Marvel character of Cable while doing the first panel, since he is pretty well renowned for carrying unreasonably large futuristic guns, with bizarre slot like barrel configurations. The problem is, exactly none of his stuff is all Kirbyfied, so it loses any kind of retro appeal that might have been attached.

For a while I considered a speech balloon in Panel One, but obviously, I decided against it. It seemed that the artwork could tell the “story” well enough…it’s a very simple cause and effect, after all. There was no spicy comment that would have made the thing funny, so it just seemed best to leave things as they were.

Still, I like Panel One to such an extent that I cropped it to be its own image, which I’m posting below. For my enjoyment, if not yours.

That's a whole lot of Science on that Wakandan Door Prize.

That’s a whole lot of Science on that Wakandan Door Prize.

It did just dawn on me that yes, apparently the government of Wakanda just GAVE her that crazy thing with her uniform, as they criticized her bad (and potentially unclean) uniform. That seems unwise, just handing out things like that, even if she is a superhero.


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