Victory Served With Extra Salsa!

Victory is indeed a spicy, spicy dish.

Victory is indeed a spicy, spicy dish.

I’ve been doing a great number of horizontal compositions lately…even yesterday’s were two very horizontal images stacked to form a more square page. As a result, this page is just more square to begin with…a few pixels taller than it is wide, but more or less square. For me, this is still “story decompression.” Normally, we would have had the explodey panel from yesterday’s post, and no resolution or closure at all…just right on to the next schtick. Instead today, we have all those guys just laid out by that Science Beam…just so we know, as if the explodey panel wasn’t enough.

Brian Michael Bendis would tell me that this is “storytelling.”

The Wakanda thing has been alright, but I think I’m getting to the end of it. There’s not that much here, and I feel like I can do some fun other stuff, primarily about the comics industry itself. I may let that stuff sit until next week, since Comic-Con is next week and it will give me comics related content to spout my opinions (such as they are) about. I’m also getting sort of maxed out on drawing in Kirby’s style…sort of looking toward doing something else.

I’m unsure how long I intend for her to hang onto this Wakandan Vacation Costume, either. In its way it is very, very fun to draw, in others, it’s a huge hassle. Not since the “Rascals” plotline has the protagonist had a costume that was this directly a superhero uniform, and even during the “Rascals,” she usually didn’t wear the more “official” looking ones. I can’t even decide what color it should be…and I have had no help from you, True Believers.

Still…the major metaphor of this post is that at this time, vacation continues to be going decently. A fair amount of quiet, which was much needed. At one point, an inquiry was made as to whether I would teach Summer School. That always makes me laugh…I am very much opposed to the idea of teaching Summer School. Between that, Student Loan Paperwork, and solving the Mystery of how to reset my LAUSD Single Sign On password, I will definitely accept the very modest challenges of the season.

And respond to them with Spicy, Spicy Science!

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