Mystery From Space!

This is pretty much how I deal with most US Mail.

This is pretty much how I deal with most US Mail.

The Kirby Krackle is actually starting to give me Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Seriously, I Googled “Why does my hand tingle when I draw?” and that was pretty much the verdict. Thankfully, there is an easy stretch to do that fixes it up pretty quickly, and I can stop drawing the Kirby Krackle. Just in time too, since really, I don’t have that much more interest in continuing the Wakanda plot.

Not that I’m not enjoying it…it’s just in the time where I felt like I didn’t have any content, a whole slew of things that I would like to provide biting, sarcastic commentary on have happened. So, if you are a fan of linear plotlines that are following a day to day strip mechanic, I will start disappointing you next week.

I commented yesterday that I felt the first panel of the strip (yesterday) wasn’t actually that important to the story…it felt like “decompression” gone too far for me. Also, today’s art loses “punch” if you did not read yesterday’s post…so in the interest of supporting my own point, and also keeping readers up to date, here is yesterday’s Panel Two, in it’s larger size.

See? Now today's piece makes more sense, and you don't need to do much clicking,.

See? Now today’s piece makes more sense, and you don’t need to do much clicking,.

What does that weird fragment/meteor do? It’s a LOT like the US Mail…you don’t really know what it is until you open the envelop, and a lot of the time you are unimpressed, or straight up regret it. Sure, if the envelope SAYS that it’s from Capital One, and they are yet again trying to give you a credit card that you don’t want/can’t afford, you have a pretty good idea of what’s up. Some mail is a puzzle/mystery/stealth operation though, but rarely is it that unexpected check, or random lottery win that we all hope for.


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