Sunday Bonus Post: The Golden Key Club.

Home Sweet Home.

Home Sweet Home.

There actually IS a Golden Key Society…its the world’s largest Collegiate Honor Society. I’m apparently a member, and they periodically send me mail and so forth. This post is not about that group at all, but instead, about the small, select group of alien American superheroes with Fortresses that have giant golden keys.

The hardest part of the artwork above was drawing the Jack Kirby Style Wakandan Costume….so it is pretty fair to say that she will most probably be putting it in the closet pretty soon. There’s just a lot of little doodads and shapes to remember to put on the suit, and then shade. It’s actually less intuitive to me, on that front, than the Edu-Knight uniform that she wore for most of last academic year.

I felt that the “decompressed storyline” could use some closure before we jumped back into the usual world of sudden, disconnected adventures commenting on whatever has caught my fancy at the moment. The world obliged quite well…in the last week or so, I suddenly have a large number of things that I want to draw and comment on. That, of course, starts tomorrow.

As a result of that “closure” we have the image of the protagonist and Vacation Time Pony coming home to the Fortress of Togetherness. I love the giant key, and it has been on my mind rather a bit for the past two weeks. Clearly, she did not bring the giant key with her to Wakanda, which is a wise move. You never know when you’ll drop the key, say over Moscow, and wind up having to look for it. The whole point of giant golden keys is that you can actually leave them right outside your fortress…since pretty much no one else can lift them.

Although, even Superman’s OWN key kind of puts the lie to that idea. Other Alien Americans, like the martian Manhunter and Supergirl can lift it just fine, and let themselves into your place. Then they just hang out, and use your stuff, until you finally get home and have to be cool about it. Some Aliens, like Mongul (not not an Alien American) just bust in all rowdy, and don’t even use the door…and then you’re stuck cleaning the place up yourself.

That being said, I absolutely love giant golden fortress keys.

The art without text.

The art without text.

Tomorrow, we begin with the usual crop of randomness, and lead into Comic-Con stuff! Yay! Be there!

And by “Be There!” I mean at this comic next week…not at Comic-con, those tickets were sold out months ago, True Believers. Just Sayin’.

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