A House Divided By Zero…

I contend that they are looking down at the Republican National Convention.

I contend that they are looking down at the Republican National Convention.

Even with 3000 agents from Homeland Security and 20 bomb disposal robots, it is hard to contain the sheer vitriol being generated by the RNC at this time. I had dinner with a couple of friends last night, and despite reading the news, each of us only had a part of the story, a crazy fragment that we looked at and chased down the proverbial rabbit hole.

For me, it was Melania Trump’s plagiarizing Michelle Obama, and then the assertion that no, she was actually plagiarizing Twilight Sparkle (admittedly a very educated pony). For my friend, it was Ben Carson’s very “off book” speech where he asserted that Hillary Clinton was directly in league with Lucifer…a pretty strong political statement. My other friend was actually bewildered by the current Part Platform, which seems to miss large sections of the First Amendment…which is depressing, because the Fist Amendment is one paragraph in length.

Today, Ted Cruz was harangued by the party for not supporting Trump. Ted Cruz, to his credit, didn’t do anything like leave…that guy stood up and stuck to his guns, as it were. He made it clear that he won’t try and torpedo Trump’s campaign, but that he felt that Trump played dirty going after his wife, and just couldn’t support him. Granted, I say “today”…but there have to be a huge number of items that I’ve missed.

It is depressing that American politics are so far gone from two things. I’m going to list them here, for clarity:

1. Rational Discourse and/or Discussion
2. Actual Issues.

The RNC is all mud slinging about people’s backgrounds, accusations of plagiarism, accusations of being in league with the devil, and right wing religious beliefs being suggested as public policy. I for one seem to be missing the real content that I expect…tax structures, foreign policy, domestic policy….especially when we have such serious internal domestic policy issues to talk about right now.

I considered doing a week long series called “The Ben Carson Adventures,” where I would make up bizarre superhero adventures based on the bat @#$% crazy things he has said. Honestly…I didn’t have the stomach for it.

The sad part is…Republicans aren’t really like all that. I’m pretty liberal, and have some very liberal friends, who are sure that “all Republicans are evil.” Now…that’s just not true. I have close friends that vote Republican, and are very socially liberal, progressive people. At this point though, Trump has been such a divisive force, completely removing any real discourse from the table…it’s possible to see full force the worst parts of the Republican Party. It’s mildly depressing.


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