Team-Up With Tamiyo! (And The Lunar Force…)

I usually play Magic: The Gathering like the protagonist handles things...Maximum Effort.

I usually play Magic: The Gathering like the protagonist handles things…Maximum Effort.

She’s wearing the Noodle Cape today!

Yesterday, I played in another Magic: The Gathering Official Event, a Booster Draft. My entire strategy for the draft was to try and build a deck that had a playable curve, repetitive design, and had pictures of Tamiyo, the “Planeswalker on the cards.” She is depicted in today’s art.

The deck design wound up not being my usual style of play…which makes me reconsider my design and play style, since I came in Second. Really racking up the DCI points there…

If you don’t play Magic: The Gathering, there’s an idea in it called “tapping” a card. It renders the card used for the turn, and you can usually only do it once. That’s vital to the explanation here…

The whole thing (i.e. my Booster Draft Build) revolved around tapping other players’ cards, and making them unable to untap (and be used again). Or sending them back to their hands, as an instant, rendering them kind of ineffective. Like, you declare your attack, and all of a sudden, the creature is gone, or back in your hand. Or you want to play a card, but can’t, because of “Lunar Force” which is a sort of one shot “No!” card. The whole win condition was a sort of gradual erosion of the other players point total, over a long period of play.

Most of the time, as suggested in the art caption, i play the game based on some sort of intensive Maximum Effort. I’m looking to deal with most things, players, creatures, etcetera with the game’s equivalent of Brute Force (there’s actually a card called that), hurling big things and mega-damage around by the most convenient, but not necessarily most efficient means. Playing with cards that didn’t do that sort of thing, but just sort of…impaired your ability to play properly, to a small degree, or use your cards as intended was a big change.

The art is about that kind of thing. In Panel One, the protagonist is just plain cranky about having to deal with that monster her usual way. Panel Two, and the inset are about the Tamiyo Team-Up way, which just makes the monster…not very efficient or useful. Obviously, Panel Three is about how confusing a concept that is.

The players were a much nicer group this time around, which was a good thing. I had been debating whether to do a DCI tournament again, at all…because about of the third of the players last time were Not Great People. This was a much friendlier crowd…possibly contributing to my better performance in the tournament itself. I guess like any other hobby or pastime, the people involved are automatically a bit of a “mixed bag,” and that’s just the Real World for you.

Anyway…the night was surprisingly enjoyable, because of the friendlier crowd, but ran very, very late. Hence the lateness of today’s art, and post.

Today’s art was also late for a number of mundane issues. First off…the three panels were actually their own pieces of art, which needed to be dealt with individually as digital pieces, and merged. I had major lighting issues, which forced me to redo a few of those, slowing the process, and then the lettering was a chore, especially the “thud.”

Especially the “thud.”

I like the finished product though. I initially thought of just doing the last panel, and doing that without any text at all. Because that was a thought I had, here that is…

I felt like Tamiyo's smugness and the protagonist's confusion told the story pretty well.

I felt like Tamiyo’s smugness and the protagonist’s confusion told the story pretty well.

I also like the claw of the ‘tapped” monster in the foreground.

Anyway, enough about Magic: The Gathering Tournaments. Soon enough, school will be back in session, and I won’t be fussing over DCI events, but instead back to School Tournament play, which I enjoy considerably more.

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