Pulp Fiction, Los Angeles: Spicy Mystery Stories No. 1!

In the style of an old school Pulp Magazine.

In the style of an old school Pulp Magazine.

This piece wound up with issues in digital form that it doesn’t have as pencils on my desk, which is interesting. It was a real challenge to draw, in the retro pulp stylings, and in homage to Ant Lucia’s truly beautiful “DC Bombshells” work. It seemed logical to do one of these, for two reasons. One…the Casablanca Suit still being worn by the protagonist (even I’m startled by that) and two…I will be at Pulp Fiction Los Angeles more or less all day today.

It’s hard to imagine a more comfortable, excellent thing than being at a comic book store all day. Kind of excellent, really. Being as the shop is called “Pulp Fiction,” it seemed smart to have some kind of Pulp Fiction style art.

You’ll note that the protagonist is holding a baseball bat. You can be sure that it’s made of wood…no aluminum bats here. More importantly, it probably needs to be at least Asgardian wood, because if it isn’t, the bat will be splinters after the first thing she smacks with it, because of her Alien American Strength. The bat is there because of Joe Clark. For those of you that don’t know, Joe Clark was a high school principal in the late 1980’s in New York City. He famously cleaned up the school and improved it by “getting tough”, and often walked around the school with a megaphone and a baseball bat.

Famously, he was quoted as saying to the press, “They used to call me Crazy Joe. Well now they can call me Batman!” while shaking said bat.

Joe Clark references are creeping in because school is fast approaching. On Friday, August 12th, I have to go in for a day of meetings and trainings, which in turn is the warm up act for actually starting school itself. In some ways, it’s actually going to be very nice to be back at school…something that I haven’t been able to say for years.

As for the “Spicy Mystery Story” of the title above…I’ve really got nothing. “Spicy Mystery Stories” was the title of an actual pulp magazine, long out of print. I considered altering the title a bit, but really, it’s hilarious as is. You would think that I has an idea of the story here, but…no. I have a hazy idea that they are going to team up for some reason, but I keep switching back and forth as to whether the “Cat-Woman” is a fancy burglar or a mafia princess. I would need to know these things if I was intending to do an ongoing series here…but I’m not.

It mostly came about as a result of my guest appearance at Pulp Fiction Los Angeles. Being at the shop all day will be a nice kind of closure to vacation…kind of like hanging around the clubhouse with your little friends when you’re a kid. If you’re looking for comics today, stop in and say hi.



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