Sometimes I Just Want to Draw a Pony.

Whoa!  That's a Fancy Pony!

Whoa! That’s a Fancy Pony!

The title is pretty much on point. Sometimes, I just want to draw a Pony. Not a huge metaphor, or story point, or continuity…just ponies.

This pony is a Very Important Pony, though. On the previously mentioned Grad Night, which took place at Disney/California Adventure, I made a new pony for the new school year. Zebra Pony, although very popular, is very tired…he had a stressful school year. So, at the Build-A-Bear located at Downtown Disney (which was a Madhouse!) I put together a Very Fancy Pony for the new school year.

The pony is built on a Princess Luna, so it is dark blue (the class colors of the outgoing class, and lavender…the class colors of the current class. See how smart that was? Class colors weren’t a thing when I was in school…you had school colors, and that was it. Now, each class votes on what it would like for its own colors, for t-shirts, jackets, and so forth. This was convenient for me, since the dark blue won’t show wear that much, as I haul the pony around for a year. It seemed on point to go with a Princess, since I was making the Pony at Disneyland, and I made sure to get a special Disney 60th Anniversary pin for her tiara. With tiara, neck piece, and cape, the pony is Ready for School.

With the first day of meetings only about a week off, people from school have started to contact me. That alone makes me think that Princess Pony is pretty much preparing to start commuting, even if I am not.

I needed to experiment with drawing this pony…it was pretty important. The princess ponies (alicorns) have different proportions than most of the other ponies, being longer limbed and taller. Also, I needed to figure out the shading for the new pony, in black and white, since that is the bulk of Adequacy. This pony is darker of color, and thusly a bit of a shading and crosshatching challenge. I pretty much have the hang of what I think I’ll need for the year, but things change.

Anyway, there’s Princess Pony! She more or less represents the successful conclusion to my first year teaching high school, and will have a pretty demanding job ahead of her.


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