“I Brake For Carvel”

Yes...I think pretty much all Batman foes would be really annoying.

Yes…I think pretty much all Batman foes would be really annoying.

This, though, isn’t that much about Batman foes.

Today, I’m bringing my beloved car in to Culver Automotive for minor service…oil change, tune up, that sort of thing. Preventative, since in a week or so I will be commuting with it. Not that my commute is all that far, because really, it isn’t. I just don’t want to have any kind of situation like the end of last year, so I am taking a very aggressive stance toward preventive servicing.

Even though Culver Automotive always sets my car right again, after the brief experience with the other shop, I’m a bit nervous about it, for literally NO reason. I actually saw the loaner car from the Other Shop parked across the street from my place, and wondered how things were going for that person. Hopefully, they didn’t bring in a vintage Mercedes, because that would seem to be a months long procedure. Yes, yes…that seems catty of me, especially this long after the fact, but with this distance from it, I am quite frankly AMAZED at how tolerant and forgiving I was of that situation.

As a result, today’s art is pretty much about that. The Catwoman in the shotgun seat, handcuffed to the grip assist bar, is taking the whole thing as a fun trip, which I really should be. Our hero on the other hand, is pretty stressed out, despite still being in her fancy Casablanca Suit, which you think would make you feel very, very cool. In terms of story for the strip, certainly the Catwoman was busted trying to steal something…I can’t imagine what. The protagonist has a busy day though, needing to drop off Catwoman at One Police Plaza, then take the car in for servicing, and the fly home to the Fortress of Togetherness to get stuff ready for the Edu-Mountain.

Interestingly enough…with the exception of dropping cat burglars off at the police station, that’s actually a very, very solid analogy for my day today.

Of course, my car has an arcane oil filter, so the oil change might take a day, in order to get the needed filter from somewhere else in Los Angeles. This is the kind of thing I’m used to, though, as it is a normal thing. Even when the car was relatively new, that was a thing. Unfortunately, unlike our hero, I can’t just fly back to the Fortress of Togetherness.


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