Fasten Your Seatbelts, Guys…

The cast of Adequacy needs to get back to work.

The cast of Adequacy needs to get back to work.

Today is my first day back.

It is a professional development day, which means a whole lot of fancy training for the purposes of making us into better teachers. That’s a “no students” day, where really teachers get back into the habit of waking up early and so forth. Usually, it would be a day that I just kind of sleepwalk through, except for one thing.

For the first time ever, eighteen years into teaching, I am actually helping in providing a training seminar.

No one is more amazed at that than me.

Apparently, the PD that a fellow teacher came up with, and we co presented with students, was a big hit. That was the one on the respectful and appropriate treatment of LGBT students in the classroom, which we did with a few students. Thankfully, we have a student coming in to help, and this time, we are presenting to the entire staff. I think having a student on board is key, because it is one thing to say things without the person that you might be slighting in front of you…it’s another to have them in the room.

I’ve had discussions about needing to do this during the week, and quite frankly, the discussions outside of school have led me to believe it is more important than I initially thought…and I had thought it important to begin with. I figure that if I have to do a training of any kind, doing one about something that I strongly believe in is the way to go.

Let’s take a closer look at Panel One…

New and old cast members rolling out for a new year.

New and old cast members rolling out for a new year.

In some way, the image above is pretty much non fiction. Taco Belle will be pinned to my hat, as well as Bernard the mouse. Both of those were picked up at Grad Night, which closed out the school year at Disneyland. Princess Pony also happened at Grad Night, and should be riding shotgun with me on the way to work for some time…as that is the designated School Pony for 2016-2017. The Quislet, and our hero are usual cast members, and pretty much come as a set.

This will be the first time since the whole transmission drama that my car has gone to school, and thanks to the excellent guys at Culver Automotive, she should be making the trip pretty well. They had to fix a whole lot of the work done by the other shop, and in fact continue to unravel those problems. We are almost at the end of all of that though, and the car is running smooth…preventive services seem to be the way at this point, with minor corrections as we go. Which is fine by me. Eventually, there will be a final transmission service, to address the infrequent “kick” mentioned in panel two.

All told, I’m pretty hopeful about the next school year. The last year was the best school year that I have had in some time, and I’m hoping that it is relatively the norm for the new venue. One can only hope.


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