The Mosquito Coast.

So, yeah.  All these things happened.

So, yeah. All these things happened.

You know that the school year started smoothly when my one complaint is that the classroom has a large number of mosquitoes kind of around the edges of it. This suggests some kind of standing water plumbing problem inside the walls, and it’s not like there are thousands of them. There are just enough of them about that you notice, and are annoyed by them.

Of course, they will seek out my sole cup of coffee for the morning like a disco fan goes after a mirrored ball. Even though the cup has a lid on it, it’s annoying and a little gross. With any luck, the weekend will see the custodial services on campus solving the problem. In a room with thirty to forty teenagers, there is always one who cannot help but slap at the air, or make faces, or what not the exact second that they see a mosquito…so invariably, it’s a bit annoying.

Also, the instant coffee made by my old friend and partner teacher tastes terrible, and to be honest, I will drink virtually any coffee. Heck, I drink that instant that she has been making, so that tells you something. The mosquitoes even go after that, and you can now see the entirety of the “action” for today’s post.

I’m thinking that today is the last time we will see this week’s Return of the Jedi style uniform for some time, because it is a total @#$%$# to draw. You wouldn’t think so… but it winds up having unusual lines, and the dark sections of it really need to be defined. Giving it texture is a huge hassle, more so than all the little details on the original Edu-Mountain costume were a hassle. It’s also a little too oddly formal for my tastes…it doesn’t project what the protagonist is really about.

I haven’t yet gotten any “engagement” from you, True Believers, on what she should be wearing for the coming year. It is the middle of the weekend, so feel free to post comments leaving suggestions, it would be appreciated…as Sunday night, I will need to be both drawing, and posting.

Monday morning, one can hope that all my little buggy, coffee loving squatters will have been driven out. If not, I have an anti-mosquito candle to drive out the awful, tiny insect hobos.



One thought on “The Mosquito Coast.

  1. I left a wardrobe suggestion on an earlier post, but I thought I’d add another call here for a fashion experiment involving jodhpurs. Incidentally, here is what Wikipedia has to say about the origins of classic jodhpurs:

    They originate from an ancient style of Indian trouser called the Churidar, which is tight around the calf and baggy at the hips, still worn at traditional Jodhpury weddings.[2] This is a special traditional style of clothing in Northern India, especially in what is today the modern state of Rajasthan, which has its capital at the city of Jaipur. Sir Pratap Singh, a younger son of the Maharaja of Jodhpur, popularised in England the style of riding-trousers worn in Jodhpur, a design that he apparently improved and perfected by himself and first tailored in India about 1890.[3][4]

    Singh was an avid polo player, and when he visited Queen Victoria in England during her Diamond Jubilee celebrations of 1897, bringing with him his entire polo team, they caused a sensation among the fashionable circles of the United Kingdom, with their reputation enhanced by the fact that they won many polo matches.[5] His jodhpur style with flared thigh and hip was rapidly taken up by the British polo playing community, who adapted it to existing designs of English breeches that ended at mid-calf, worn with tall riding boots.[citation needed] Thus the full-legged design of the true Jodhpur was not adopted as British polo apparel, and all early photographs of European polo teams show the use of tall boots. Though the term “jodhpurs” was applied colloquially to this style of breeches, they were not true jodhpurs and are more accurately termed “flared-hip breeches”. This British version was soon being produced by Savile Row tailors in London.

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