Zarathos, Spirit of Commuting.

It isn't quite this intense, actually.

It isn’t quite this intense, actually.

So, no…the commute to work actually isn’t this intense. Yes…I do blow by a bunch of suits on a borrowed ride, that’s all true ride now…but it just isn’t that cool. at no point do I get to simply blast a flaming hole through a strip mall, all though the Ghost Rider is on point with his ideas on warranties. All told, the image presents a much more glamorous view of commuting to work as a teacher, and pursuing a firm for their warranty, than is deserved.

Still…the week might be a little intense.

You see, the plan was to have copies of “Lord of the Flies” delivered to pretty much all Tenth Grade students by Friday. That didn’t happen, despite the fact that I was planning around it. It’s okay…I had a sort of back up plan in place, that could buy another week…but after this week, I definitely need to have those books, one way or another, in student hands. I’ll have to see how it plays out, but right now, that’s the more intense part of the week, and probably the part of the week that the Ghost Rider’s bizarre, right wing views would be best deployed upon.


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