“Let They Who Are Without Sin…”

"...kick the first ass."

“…kick the first ass.”

It seems that on the freeway home today, the Ghost Rider convinced me that it was time for some straight up, old fashioned, transmission based Justice. It came about when I checked in with Culver Automotive, the shop that is undoing the trouble caused by the as yet unnamed “Other Shop.” It turns out that my car should be ready tomorrow…a turnaround of a week, compared with two and a half months, and an outsourced job from “The Other Shop.” i was pretty excited about this, honestly.

Culver Automotive typically does a good job, so really, I shouldn’t have been surprised. Still…transmissions are complicated, especially German ones, so I thought it would be about ten days or longer. Obviously, it wasn’t.

Then it got me thinking that “The Other Shop” offers a two year warranty on work. Thinking that AGAIN, I mean…because readers from last week know that I already reminded them of that. I felt that since they obviously couldn’t do the job, but the work was under warranty, “The Other Shop” should work something out with me. I suggested actually paying Culver Automotive, and then, finally, we could part ways.

I had never gotten a phone call back from that Other Shop on that subject. Go figure.

So…I stopped in at the Other Shop, to inquire after what was going to happen, and why I hadn’t heard. I reminded them that the transmission was under warranty, and that I had the transmission for less time than they had the car in the shop. I was met with surprise…the owner was supposed to have called me, and “handled it.”

At this point, I still haven’t heard from the owner, who in response to internet reviews, says the following: “If we charge you to fix the car and there is a problem we will always fix it. If we can’t we will refund your money.” It seems that this is exactly that kind of situation, and that’s exactly what should happen…fix it or refund the money paid on the job. In the same post, the owner invites that complainant to call him to resolve the dispute…which I’ve done, twice.

I have not yet gotten a call back.

The thing is though…I’m at the point where I’m not going to let it go. Their shoddy work made me late for the first day of school, and quite frankly, this seems simple. I paid for a working transmission…I should have one. We did a full overhaul rebuild…so all should have been well. There’s nothing in the transmission that isn’t covered by that…so if I asked for a transmission, and paid money for a transmission that works…I should have it. Under warranty.

There’s a clock here.

There’s time for the owner to call me up, and make it right, by refund or covering the repair cost. About two business days, actually. After that, I’m going to have to get lawyers involved, and hold him accountable to ALL of his shop’s poorly done work, that I have spent the past couple of months undoing. I’ll have to involve Yelp, and Better Business Bureau, and probably Mercedes Benz, since they claim to be “Mercedes Specialists.” That’s leaving out social media.

I left a message after my visit to the Other Shop. I told the guys there to let the owner I stopped in, and wasn’t letting it go. Then I called the owner, and said much the same thing….that there was a warranty, and we needed to work this out between ourselves. That this would be the Good Way To Go.

The original pencils without background.

The original pencils without background.

I have been a whole lot more reasonable about this than I thought I would be, for a very long time. Somehow, today, it hit a Line In The Sand, a Critical Mass of sorts. It just seemed that after that time and ordeal, this just wasn’t something I should be having to pay for. A matter of principles, if you will.

And that, of course, rolled out the Hebrew Hammer.

You’ll note that she’s wearing really complicated Asgardian Armor to go with the Hebrew Hammer. It looks great, and adds gravitas to the situation, but don’t get used to it…it was a @#$%$ to draw.

The clock ticks, True Believers.

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