Mascot Marketing and The End Of Vergara v. California.

Sadly, this piece was NOT chosen by the senior class as their image.

Sadly, this piece was NOT chosen by the senior class as their image.

There’s always next year, I suppose.

The Senior class did like the image that I drew for them as their logo, for use on t-shirts, hats, a sweater, and even a windbreaker. It’s a pretty generic looking spartan mascot, with sworn and shield and all of that kind of thing. They also liked the graphic treatment of their “class name”, which they had wanted to do something surprisingly clever with. That was a lettering exercise, pretty much, and the students pretty much told me to “put those things together, and show us how they would look on a t-shirt.”

Honestly, I think the Spartan Pony above is a much better image. So much so that I actually inked it before the actual selected artwork, because I’m the @#$%ing artist and I liked it better. That pony has more school spirit than I do, for sure.

Still…being the sponsor for the Junior Class, and giving guidance to the Senior Class in terms of artwork and operational considerations has been very nice. I don’t know that you can call that “school spirit”…there are students that I enjoy, who have different tasks that are related to school spirit. I advise and facilitate their success in those things, because the time spent with intelligent young people is rewarding and interesting to me. Really, that seems more like a “rational self interest” than any kind of actual “school spirit.”

Sometimes…I just want to draw a pony.

In an unrelated point, except for the fact that it is education related, today the Supreme Court of California announced that they were straight up denying a petition to review the higher court’s verdict in Vergara v. California. It was a definite win for teachers’ unions, but possibly at the expense of students. The bottom line is that the current teacher tenure rules will stand as they are, as a matter of state law, without further due process.

I was on the pro-student side, not the pro-teacher side. Honestly, the case wasn’t handled well by the high powered lawyers involved, who more or less seemed to hand it over to associates with limited knowledge and/or experience. My close friends and I were very involved with the case, attempting to do our best to reform the system that cycles through good teachers, and protects crummy ones…and we had felt that the case could have been argued better.

Much better.

All told..the case is over now, and I don’t foresee being brought in on any similar cases any time soon. Being the “politically active” teacher is a good thing, to be sure. I think it is important, and stay up on the political side of education so that when things need to be stood up for, I can do it. Right now, however, there is not a case or a “cause” that captures my attention or imagination so much that it needs me to descend back into that world right now.

Probably soon, but not right now.

At this time, I would much rather advise in Prom Venue selection, or design school spirit t-shirts. Instead of worrying about the causes and concerns of “students” as a whole, I want to directly and very simply improve the quality of life of the students directly in front of me.

On that point, I think the Spartan Pony would have made a better t-short image and mascot. Just saying.

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