The Way of the Rat.

Very much the tone I imagine for today's after school meeting.

Very much the tone I imagine for today’s after school meeting.

The Leadership Class is run by a different teacher this year, hence the introduction of a new character, a hyper evolved rodent lady. You will note that she is wearing the proper ensemble of en Edu-Knight, because that is how one shows obvious support for the basic “party line” of the Edu-Mountain.

I don’t have a long standing relationship with the current Leadership teacher in the same way that I did with last year’s. Already this is showing itself in unusual ways, not the least of which being a lesser degree of interest in certain activities. Last year, my old friend needed help, so I went out of my way to assist. This year…someone that I’m not sure has my best interests at heart is more or less expecting my help…creating a very, very different mechanic.

I am the Junior Class Advisor. Realistically, I don’t really know what that would, or should involve. I do know that I am already fatigued by the petty adult dramas that already pervade the so called Leadership events, and we are first entering the third week of school. The new Leadership teacher is expecting that the Class Advisors will take a certain amount of the effort to run things off of her, but at the same time seems reluctant to give the autonomy necessary to do anything useful.

Today’s after school meeting is where she will apparently make clear the duties and responsibilities of the class sponsors. This is fascinating, since she asked for volunteers BEFORE making those things clear, and in the first two weeks has done a pretty solid job of alienating the most active class sponsors. I myself am…less than pleased with certain things, but perhaps unlike the others, realize that if I volunteered for something…that means that ultimately any efforts on my part should be welcomed. If they aren’t, I can take my ball…or perhaps in this case my drawing board, and go home.

I’m pretty pissed about the pedantic after school meeting, actually. I have stuff to do involving my personal life: picking up my car from Culver Automotive, and dealing with the Other Shop in a way that either Makes Things Right, or gives the Ghost Rider his sweet, sweet Transmission Justice. I don’t really feel like I have the time to validate the insecurities of a Leadership teacher who doesn’t like the way that some of us are trying to step up to the plate and help, especially because there is no motive beside doing a solid for the students.

It’s not like you get paid for being a Class Sponsor, after all. It’s a matter of charity, really, realizing that some adults need to be involved for anything school related to happen.

I’m mildly interested in seeing how it plays out. I know that I have already scaled back my involvement, as has the Tiger Lady. It would be all too easy to say or do something that would set the two of us off, and given that we are heavily involved in student activities, that would be a Bad Thing.

Art wise, we have the Ghost Rider ready to roll out, and deliver sweet, sweet transmission justice, and the protagonist dressed in her Asgardian Armor for the same reason. The cast, much like myself, are chomping at the bit to make thing Right on that front. Some @#$#% is about to get real, and no meeting will stand in the way of that.


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