Game of Edu-Thrones.

It didn't seem like she needed a speech balloon...just a moment of quiet.

It didn’t seem like she needed a speech balloon…just a moment of quiet.

Today will be a busy, busy day.

First thing out of the gate will be the first legitimate “test drive” of my repaired transmission, as a commute to work. It seems to feel like it’s running pretty well, so fingers are crossed at this point. I hate to think too positively, and perhaps jinx the situation.

After that, will be a full day of school. That’s what I expect, so no harm, no foul on that front. During my conference period, the Tiger Lady and I will co-plan next week’s lessons, on the “Lord of the Flies” so the day will be pretty tightly packed for a Thursday.

After school, I am supposed to supervise the “Senior Meeting” in the auditorium. Having never attended a “Senior Meeting”, I don’t know what to expect, or what will happen. My report will follow some time this weekend, on precisely what, if anything happens at such an event. That will last from three to four…and then, an hour later, we have “Back to School” night.

“Back to School” night lasts from five to seven, and is basically an evening where I stick around in my classroom, and gamely host any of the students and/or parents that arrive to meet me. I am NOT supposed to conference about student achievement, this is supposed to be solely a discussion of my class, and the learning standards involved.

All told…that’s a LONG day.

That’s probably why the protagonist of our strip, on some kind of Edu-Throne in her Edu-Dungeon, just seems to want a minute of peace before responding to what is on the villager’s mega scroll. Even the Mosquito in her vicinity seems a bit at a loss for words, as the Princess Pony and our hero have had a long, long day.

Safe to say, there will be a point in the day where I feel exactly the same way. Parent engagement is important, but it is very, very time intensive, and often kind of draining.

On the superstitious side…my transmission problems STARTED on a “Parent Conference” night, so this “Back to School” day being the Maiden Voyage for the new, refined parts is a bit…well…uncomfortable. I know that the time of year has nothing to do with transmission slippage, except at the same time…I don’t.

By this time tomorrow, it will all be over.


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