Titans and Taxi Drivers.

My phone auto corrects "Eldrazi" to "Elf Taxi."

My phone auto corrects “Eldrazi” to “Elf Taxi.”

So today we are back on a normal posting schedule for Adequacy, and I am safely back in school. As a result, I’ll be setting up a new “Magic: the Gathering tournament,” as well as beginning to address the stacks and stacks of paperwork that directly correlate to the first report card, which is due from me on Friday. Add to that load a “time sensitive” pick up of my car after school, and suddenly the art begins to make a bit of sense. Not too much, just a bit.

It certainly isn’t how I envisioned the first “team up” art between Cap and Chandra to be composed. Like many things related to Tales of Adequacy, it just sort of took its own shape, rather quickly, and did it’s own thing.

Among the things that are contributing factors to the art is the word “Eldrazi.” The Eldrazi are the “bad guys” of the current Magic: The Gathering story lines, sort of these Lovecraftian entities of hunger and menace. When texting my friend about different deck builds, my phone autocorrects “eldrazi” to “elf taxi.” That’s partially where we get the loaner vehicle being driven quite irresponsibly by our hero, and the giant tentacle monster behind her. You see, the monster is the Eldrazi, and the car is an Elf Taxi.

Let’s be clear…our hero is not an Elf. She’s an Alien American. The proliferation of fantasy literature and film has made many assume she’s an Elvish American, due to her pointy ears. Uncool, people. Uncool.

Chandra riding shotgun and looking dubious? Well, that’s because our school tourney will be starting soon, and it is very, very unclear whether my Standard Legal “burn deck” (featuring Chandra and a mess of Thermo Alchemists) is up to the competitive task. In addition, Cap’s driving clearly leaves something to be desired, what with hitting that shopping cart in the foreground.

And yes…the taxi. This was pretty much the only time the taxi would be appropriate, as the car dramas have now settled into legal issues, as opposed to Repair Issues. There shouldn’t be any kind of loaners or what not for some time (fingers crossed), as things should pretty much have settled down. As I think about this year, I’ve been driving loaner cars for almost as much time as my own car, and that…that is not okay.

Hopefully, I won’t be chased home by an Eldrazi Titan, like the protagonist. Again…fingers crossed.

Next Issue: Massive Paperwork!


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