When All Is Said And Done…

Pony is enjoying a quiet moment at the Fortress of Togetherness.

Pony is enjoying a quiet moment at the Fortress of Togetherness.

Pony hasn’t had to deal with too many trips to the Edu-Mountain. Pretty rapidly Zebra Pony took over the job, and this year Princess Pony seems on top of things. As a result, Pony gets to live the good life, at home.

Still…this is very much an Edu-Mountain driven post. The other day, pretty much every period…and between classes, and at lunch…there was a blaring announcement telling teachers and students about the huge importance of getting “make up” ID photos taken, or in the case of teachers, ID photos. Every single period….at some length. It derailed class, and was just irksome.

As my conference period arrived, I had made a decision. I had to take the ID photo, but I was going to insist upon having a pony in the photo with me. I imagined that this might cause a dispute, or a debate, or what not.

Nope. I sat down, Princess Pony clearly in the frame, and right there, they printed out my new ID card, pony and all. No dispute, no debate, no nothing. To my deep satisfaction, this is also the picture that will make it to the 2017 yearbook.

Why does Pony look so relaxed in the pic above, which is about minimalism more than anything else? Because by the time today ends, I will have completed the mountain of paperwork related to the first report card, and be almost as calm and relaxed as Pony looks.

And sometimes…I just want to draw a Pony. That happens.


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