Preparing For Full Impulse…

No Comment Needed.

No Comment Needed.

A quick post for this Friday.

All seems well enough with my aging automobile, but the proof, as they say, will be in the pudding. This morning I’ll need to fuel up, and take her on the morning freeway commute, which lately, she’s been rather cranky about. The guys at Culver Automotive have been pretty confident that they have fine tuned things, and worked out the kinks, pretty much undoing the misdiagnosis and poor handling done by the Other Shop. This will be the shakedown cruise, so to speak, but the test runs on Thursday seemed very, very promising.

It will be a long, long day.

First, I need to get to school…and then print up my Verification of Grades…to sign, and turn in. While I’m doing that, I’ll be helping a young student study for her vocabulary test with another teacher. Then Homeroom, followed by class as usual…with Lesson Planning for next week happening during period five.

After school…the Magic: The Gathering club is meeting in my room, for a while…because are all stuck on campus until the football game. The football game will happen, and then after that, I am apparently supervising the “Aloha Dance.” There was a whole lot of Adult Drama surrounding the “Aloha Dance” because of some miscommunication about who would be supervising, and the expectations therein. Thankfully, at this point most of that drama has blown past me…but it is a matter of time until it makes my way. At least that will give me some content for the strip, if nothing else.

In all likelihood, I will be getting home from that at about eleven PM, or even midnight. That’s a long, long day, True Believers…but all told, it’s the kind of thing that the “involved” teachers are supposed to do.


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