The Sound of the Conch.

"Could've sworn I heard a Quinjet or a Blackbird..."

“Could’ve sworn I heard a Quinjet or a Blackbird…”

The title of today’s post is from Chapter One of “Lord of the Flies”, where the kids have their first meeting after responding to the sound of Ralph blowing a conch shell. In that meeting, they make the leadership decisions that promise a fun utopia until they are rescued. Obviously, they were pretty wrong about that.

At the end of Chapter Four of “Lord of the Flies”, Ralph calls another meeting. Ralph has a whole lot of things on his mind to discuss, because by the end of the fourth chapter, a whole lot of @#$% is @#$%ed up on that island. One kid is dead, Jack is losing his mind, Piggy’s glasses are half broken, a bunch of the kids are kill crazy, and they failed to signal a rescue.

Obviously, Ralph needs to get his @#$% in order. Hence, a meeting.

Schools follow the same theory. When things start to fall apart a bit, have more meetings. Today, after school, we have an “all staff” meeting. Budgetary matters will be discussed, the fact that we technically have no union rep will be set on the table…Department Chairs Elected, and Nominees for Shared Decision Making will be put forth. These are all Big Deal items of school governance, and really, given my current focus of staying out of such things…such a meeting is a pretty substantial waste of my time.

Since the whole fiasco with Darth Salinious, I have stayed out of the day to day operations of my school site. It proved to be an intelligent decision, and has really redefined my focus onto student issues: extra help for students, school activities, and so forth. The kinds of things that are actually really important to me. As a result, I have no desire to descend back into the world of “Lord of the Flies” style politics and bargaining, with alliances and such defining how decisions are made. The last time that I did, it worked well for a while (like Ralph’s island), but after a change in leadership became a total fiasco (like Ralph’s island).

Lesson learned.

As a result, my bag is STOCKED with art supplies today, to continue this week’s foray into content for the site.

Honestly…I’m not that fond of the Savage Land Outfit. It’s like the protagonist raided Cyndi Lauper’s closet, and then added grubbier accessories. Artistically it is a bit of a challenge, so it may continue for some more of the “Lord of the Flies” unit, if only to address the content of Lesson Planning, which many of the staff members are pretty worried about. There’s this feeling that somehow their lesson plans will be Judged, and that the Judging will be Unfavorable.

Again…very “Lord of the Flies”…which is fitting, since I’m teaching it right now.

Some readers have asked, “Why doesn’t Cap just fly out of the Savage Land?” That’s true…as an Alien American, she can fly, and very fast. The thing is…she gets lost in Los Angeles. How is she supposed to find her way away from the Savage Land, which is an isolated temperate jungle full of dinosaurs, located in Antarctica? There’s nothing even remotely like a landmark.

I mean…I guess she could fly into space….like, orbit…and roughly find California, and land there. Still…she’d be pretty lost. She can more or less count on the X-Men or the Avengers crashing in the Savage Land…they do all the time. Then just hitch a ride.

It’s pretty much what one does.

The thing that bugs me about these “Savage Land/Lord of the Flies” pieces? She’s alone, and as a result, no dialogue. Sure…there’s a dinosaur sneaking up on her, but you punch the @#$% out of a dinosaur, you don’t talk to it.

Things to think about during today’s meeting.

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