Beware Of Sleestaks!

Sleestaks are a big @#$%ing problem, people.

Sleestaks are a big @#$%ing problem, people.

So, in yesterday’s giant meeting, a bunch of people nominated me for a bunch of positions in running the school that I explicitly DO NOT WANT. Most people would graciously reject such nominations…but since they were done in secret, I elected to go another route.

Willfully ignoring them

That’s always a good way to go. I can’t actually fulfill any of those positions without actually accepting them, so Ignoring Them will actually make them go away. Unlike the relationship that I have with the Other Shop, where ignoring me just makes me Lawyer Up, which in turn, is future Adequacy content. To be fair, I really would not like it if the staff Lawyered Up in order to have me sit on School Site Council…that actually seems excessive, even by my standards.

At the same time, our hero Cap is somehow allowing other to look out for Sleestaks, which are annoying as hell. Granted, in a drunken super tantrum, our Alien American friend could rid the Savage Land, or the Land of the Lost, or even Narnia for that matter, of Sleestaks. They are just generic, primitive reptile men, after all. It’s just not that big a chore. They are rough on say…normal humans, or even probationary teachers, but really…nothing at all to established superheroes.

Still…they definitely represent an organized tribe of destructive idiots. Given the “Lord of the Flies” theme to the current plot, that let me to have random sleestaks in the background…because apparently we have no Union Rep. This is a concern for people that actually care about union issues, of course. I’ve been burned by my own union enough times that I couldn’t care less…and the muddying of the waters on the Vergara case by the CTA is reprehensible. As a result…I felt like instead of going with Hulks, who would be powerful, or even Darths…a depowered Union Chapter like my school site would only have a tribe of sleestaks.

At one point, a person at my table during the meetings suggested that I be the Union Rep. In sharp contrast to the policy of ignoring other nominations, I directly and openly mocked this as a suggestion. In fact, I believe that I actually used the word “sleestaks” in my rebuke, since I was drawing this at the time.

The positions up for grabs were:

1. Department Chair
2. Shared Decision Making Council
3. School Site Council (Budget)
4. Union Chapter Chair

Recent turnover has left these positions open, and created the sort of “Lord of the Flies” style power vacuums that are being exploited by some, and others are scrambling to fill. “Lord of the Flies” is an interesting lens to view the whole thing through, and I kind of wish I had a less dystopian piece of content for right now. It just makes it hard to not see the flaws, the dark directions that are possible through human failings, because that’s the content that I happen to be teaching in class.

You’ll note that Cap seems to be fussing with some advanced leftover piece of technology. Heck, there’s a crystal…it could even be Kryptonian. “Smallville” suggested that there were regular visits from Krypton, after all. Anyway, yeah…that represents what I was doing while drawing…helping another teacher, who has inherited many of my students from last year, balance his grading weights. That was a delicate math problem, upon which the sanity of many of my students seems to hinge. That’s why Princess Pony and the protagonist are working on that project with Savage Land style crap, while nervous, unevolved Edu-Squires look on with stress.

The Sleestaks in the background have already been covered. Union people, other adults who make all kinds of primitive noise but aren’t that useful, and so forth.

In fact…I was standing with an administrator during lunch. A new teacher, who is considerably my senior in years if not work experience, walked up. She asked, “I don’t feel like going to today’s meeting. Can you give me an excuse?” He inquired further, because the admin is a nice guy, and she said that she just didn’t want to go, and felt that this was good enough. Then she made some mouth noises about the contract, told us that our names were too long and that we should change them, and walked on.

A true sleestak. There are more than you think in education, True Believers.


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