“They Gathered For The Feast…”

Those guys are vampires, after all.

Those guys are vampires, after all.

Still…Cap is pretty sickened by the whole thing. I mean…they are straight up draining the blood out of a dude. She may hang around with the Hellfire Club (she’s wearing that suit again, after all), but the fact is…the Hellfire Club is just trashy and about leather. Sort of a socialite’s “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

Hanging out with vampires at a dinner…it’s just going to be nauseating.

Still…just like sometimes the X-Men need to play ball with the Hellfire club, our hero needs to play ball with these Stensia Vampires, so she can’t just throw them into orbit. Not throwing people into orbit because you have to work with them is called “being professional”, and she’s learning about that…just like I am.

The art for today is based on the art for a Magic: The Gathering card from the current release, “Eldritch Moon.” The card is called “Stensia Banquet” and it both deals damage to an opponent equal to the number of vampires that you control, AND lets you draw a card. It’s pretty good, especially in a deck that only has vampires for creatures…the damage piles up fast. The flavor text says We can’t win a war on an empty stomach, can we?” That pretty much sums up what’s going on, and the idea of the team up.

Why this Magic: The Gathering card, then? In part, because there’s a “standard” format tournament this weekend that I am going to, and I might play this deck. The deck came about primarily because of how much I liked last week’s “Hellfire Club” themed art, and I realized that I could build a deck with that visual concept of Victorian clothing and hedonism with the current Innistrad cards. I worked on it this weekend, but have yet to do any real playtesting. In theory, that would happen at school, during lunch.

I said, “in theory.”

That’s the other reason for the Magic: The Gathering art. The informal club that meets at lunch has started to get a little “entitled.” They are treating it less like they are still at school, and more like they are over at a friend’s house, which is not okay to me. Small things like the language of students, to big things like leaving half eaten lunch behind, and tons of random friends who don’t play Magic thinking that they can come and go as they please. The friends are loud, and often kind of disrespectful. I’m going to need to address this today, and very much am setting down a set of basic ideas.

It comes down to “settle it, or find someplace else to be during lunch.”

I’ve been kind of cranky about it all weekend. It feels like I shouldn’t HAVE to say this kind of thing, because one shouldn’t take advantage of a situation. It really came to a head on Friday, when I was exhausted from conferencing, the room was full of Randos I had never met, and the kids were just assuming that I was staying after school to give them a place to be. When I said, “No…I have to go today. I have adult things I need to go do,” this was met with confusion.

I’m not so sure how the talk is going to go, actually. One of the key points is that come the last couple of days of school, the conduct of the Magic Players and hangers on made me about as sick to my stomach as our hero in the art today. I need to have it go one way or the other, and fast. I kind of hoped that starting a new tournament would do that…and maybe it will. Day one of that was Friday. The thing is, I wanted to start the tourney on Monday of last week…except I spent so much time managing Randos, I wasn’t able to set it up until Friday.

The thing is…the tournaments cost me money. Actual cash. So…when the group seems less than appreciative, it’s a real deterrent to me wanting to do it. Or for that matter, to want to go on not eating lunch. Especially when the After School Program just started a “Gaming Club” which pretty much gives another, albeit less frequent option to the students, where I don’t have to be concerned about how they conduct themselves at all.

I don’t know how the talk is going to go. I’m going to do my best to address the points pretty basically, and then leave so that they can have time to make a real decision. That seems like the rational way to go, although a large part of me just wants to close the door when the lunch bell rings, meet up with a dedicated player someplace else on campus, and try my new deck. That’s an option that’s still lurking.

Artistically, the whole image was a huge @#$%ing chore. I’m pretty happy with the way it came out…except there was no room for Cap to have a speech balloon. I’m hoping that her expression and posture convey the disgust at the manners and conduct of these people she’ll be teaming up with. I think that they do.

More interestingly, I’ve set up a new filter, that creates Kandinsky style artwork out of the image that I draw. I’m reasonably happy with its output, and may be putting it to more intentional use in the future. Kandinsky isn’t really my favorite artist, but his style is distinctive and very geometric, fun to mashup with the kind of thing that I do. He didn’t do comic art, or anything like it…so the mashup is interesting.

Let’s look at today’s art then:

A splash of color, even.  We haven't had color in a while.

A splash of color, even. We haven’t had color in a while.

For Photoshop users, an artist style filter is nothing new. I’m not using Photoshop, so this is a Big Deal. I don’t see using it a whole lot, but for some things, it seems like it would be major fun.

As a companion piece, I ran the first “Hellfire Club Costume” image as well. It takes a chunk of time to render, so I’m glad I liked the output. I will probably print both images out to use on the deck box for the Vampire Deck, regardless of what happens at today’s “Club Meeting”. Let’s check out that image:

I like the original image better, overall, but am pretty fond of this treatment.

I like the original image better, overall, but am pretty fond of this treatment.

This was a pretty long, rambly, stream of consciousness style post about dealing with other people. Students, other teachers, administrators…the entirety of teaching is in dealing with other people.

It’s not always that easy to do, especially when you’re not a perfect person yourself.

3 thoughts on ““They Gathered For The Feast…”

  1. Sounds like a drag. I’m sorry that your thing that’s supposed to be all fun is getting turned into Regular Old Work. I hope you can rescue it.

    • Occasionally, for a some time in the strip, charaters such as Horsey have called her “Cap” or “Boss.” I’ve adopted it more often lately, in the posts if not in the speech balloons. I suppose is suggests that her superhero code name is Captain Something Or Other, where the thing that she’s Captain of is not yet defined. Or maybe she’s just the Captain. There was a time frame in the eighties, where Steve Rogers quit being Captain America, and was just “The Captain.”

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