Past The Point Of No Return.

This Pony is frustrated with reading right now.

This Pony is frustrated with reading right now.

This Monday, as we enter my classes, my students are just over the halfway point in terms of pages in the book (“Lord of the Flies”), and have just finished the sixth chapter out of twelve. in a real sense, the commitment to finishing is much more tangible as a result…there are less pages left to be read than the ones we have read already.

Today’s artwork came about for two reasons related to those ideas. Important ones.

The first is that only one appearance of ponies has happened during the whole Savage Land thing, and I felt like drawing a pony. Since I do the drawing, it seemed like it was past the time to just get a pony into the strip, and voila…! A pony reading a really big fancy book.

The second reason is just as basic. “Lord of the Flies” is a good book, but it is starting to wear out its welcome with me. I have other things I’d like to cover, other books I would like to read. As a result, I want to get the lesson plans back on track from the obstacles that got in the way, making class this week a Hard Push to get through three chapters, bringing us to the end of Chapter Nine by the end of the week. That’s ambitious, especially if I want to use class time to assist me in grading papers as well…although, really I only have a handful of papers to grade from last week. I’m hoping that significantly more come in this week, since there is a grade window opening on the 6th of October.

That’s why that pony is reading with such an intense look on its face. It is very, very important for the pony to get to the end of Chapter Nine, if only to get everyone…my students, my co-teacher, and even the protagonist, off of the island, as it were.

It’s a short post today, True Believers. I need to get to work, after all.

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