Shadows And Tall Trees.

How did she get away from Sauron?  I dunno.  Didn't seem that important.

How did she get away from Sauron? I dunno. Didn’t seem that important.

I mean…she can bench press a mountain…she should be able to deal with a dinosaur guy, even if he has weird energy vampire powers. It might take a little bit, but I figure it’s a lot like when Superman fights the Parasite. Drawn out, but not all that interesting, ultimately.

Monday, as predicted, the number of assignments turned in to me doubled…but still left me with less than half of my students having turned in a major assignment. That’s not all that great, and it’s fairly typical for the amount of assignments to come in late to drop off sharply as you gain distance from the original due date. At this point, though…I have to push forward, and hope that some of the students will continue to submit the work before the grading period closes.

We did a hard push to get through Chapter Seven on Monday, that push is whwre the post gets its title. In the chapter, a major turn of events is the hunt for a boar on the island, as the boys get distracted from their search for the “Beastie” and their quest to relight the signal fire. Parts of the chapter highlight the boys’ departure from civilization…it’s pretty powerful stuff.

Ralph notes to himself that a kind of filth has become his new “normal”, and that the clothes that they wear are falling apart, and very, very unclean. That prompted me to give the protagonist a second outfit, presumably gotten from some tribe in the Savage Land. There are tons of tribes in the Savage Land, and they all seem to wear leopard print or sabretooth skin bikinis…so this one-piece is probably not that tough to come by.

I was also getting tired of drawing the other one.

The degenerating conditions on the island are a major part of the narrative at this point in the book, and it is important for me to highlight them to the students. In class…unless I point it out, they just sort of assume that there are certain basic amenities that just aren’t present, like clean clothes and bathrooms. There’s half a page about how he just wants some soap, a toothbrush, and clean clothes. That, and the conflict with nature were really on my mind as I put together this piece.

I’ve also been working really hard for the whole Savage Land run at getting into postures that suggest action, or movement. Sometimes fairly ordinary movements, other times very bombastic…but postures are hard to get a good handle on. They are really related to composition in a way that is hard to articulate…as I’m an amateur artist at best, and don’t have the vocabulary and study for a solid grasp of the relationship between the two.

Of course, it’s more fun to draw a panther leaping from a branch than a boar, so that happened.

Obviously, she can just kind of ignore the panther if she wants…being an Alien American, she’s nigh invulnerable. Still, that might ruin her only other Savage Land Outfit, which she clearly just did some kind of bartering for. You wouldn’t want that to happen.

It’s a short post today…as I have a mountain of grading, and the completion of this chapter ahead of me. No leaping panthers, though.

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