The Lost Library of Erik Lensherr.

She looks pretty @#$%ing confused by a Library in the middle of the Savage Land.

She looks pretty @#$%ing confused by a Library in the middle of the Savage Land.

I was pretty confused by it too.

Today, I had to take my classes to the Library, for a scheduled visit. One would think that this Library visit would be to research something, or to do some sort of project, or even to check out books for some sort of organized reading effort. These are all things that a teacher, logically, would take their students to the Library on campus for.

Not in the Bizarro World of Los Angeles Public Education, True Believers.

Today, I had to take my students to the Library for a Mandatory Visit. Already, we know that this will lack a kind of sense.

The reason for the Mandatory Library Visit was not in fact, any of those things. It was to have each of the students set up their District E-mail accounts, with supervision by adults (me, my co-teacher, and the librarian). They were intended to do this in front of us so that we could help them, and also make sure that it had gotten done in the first place. That whole process took roughly half of the class.

Add to that a bit of explanation of what needed to be done in the first place, and then a “library orientation” afterward, and a day of class functionally went up in smoke. All for something that theoretically could have been done by homeroom, although obviously it would have taken much much longer to go one homeroom at a time.

A few of my students checked out books, which was nice. I had a few pleasant conversations about books and literature with young people, and that was also excellent.

My second period class, on the other hand, was ridiculous. There is always one, and for the next few days, I will be needing to set a different tone with them. One based on quiet, and intrinsically boring work.

The depressing part, really, is that the school’s Library is actually very well appointed, with a solid inventory of books and a dedicated Librarian. Those are all Good Things, and make the concept of a Library visit an appealing one. Unfortunately, this visit was solely to handle an administrative data entry task, at the cost of an instructional day.

Once again, out of classroom issues are putting me off schedule in the Savage Land.

About the title…Erik Lensherr is Magneto, who often maintains headquarters in the Savage Land. It strikes me he would have a very solid personal library. About the art…there has been a dearth of speech balloons during the Savage Land plot…because really, our hero has no one to talk to.

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