A Gift For The Sleestaks.

@#$%ing Aquaman.  Useless Fish Guy.

@#$%ing Aquaman. Useless Fish Guy.

I actually checked. Given the “Marvel Atlas” location for the Savage Land, it is entirely possible for Aquaman to be beaten up by Shark Men that don’t respect him, and then ditched on the beach. Those Shark Men feel the same way about Aquaman that I do…he pretty much brings nothing to the superhero table.

If he brings nothing to the table, you might be asking why the protagonist of our humble webcomic wants him to get up? So he can make her a tuna fish sandwich, of course. He can bring THAT to the table. Although, in the Savage Land, it would be more of a Tuna Fish Sushi.

This has been a pretty rough day of school (Thursday) which I’ll discuss more in length in my next post. Rough enough that I’m thinking about going to get some sushi this evening, because sushi is good, and improves my fundamental quality of life. The roughness of today was based entirely in some of the meathook realities of modern public education…not any sort of student issue. The kids were as “on task” as possible, given the circumstances, which was fine…because Chapter Eight of “Lord of the Flies” is great. It really makes the problems on the island into what they are…social issues, not survival issues.

That’s actually more appropriate than I thought, while drawing this, and preparing the post.

I really wanted to rip on Aquaman…because it has been a while since I did that, and it is IMPORTANT. He also makes a very solid metaphor for ineffective teachers, who have been around for a long, long time. Seniority gives them a certain social gravity, as if they should be good, but really, both Aquaman and a whole lot of long time teachers lack effectiveness, especially in a crisis. That inadvertent analogy came up spontaneously today, but I like it nonetheless.

Note…I hand lettered the balloons today, and hand drew them, as opposed to the digital balloons and lettering that I have been doing as of late. I just felt like it, which is rare, since I hate lettering. Lettering takes a very specific talent, which I don’t really have. I thought to myself, “some people love lettering, let me give it another try.” Lesson learned, True Believers.

Remember how about two weeks ago, Cap was fussing with some Land of the Lost Technology, and advising everyone to be on the lookout for Sleestaks? They were in the shadows behind her? On September 15th, specifically? Yeah, that post.

Just like Jack decides to leave a part of every pig that they kill for the “Beast”, to keep it away from them, or satisfy it…I figure that our hero intends to leave Aquaman for the Sleestaks, to give them something else to fuss over. Its a cunning plan, and if he really is a Justice League Quality Level of superhero, he should be able to deal with a bunch of Sleestaks.

I feel the same way about many teachers and their own classes, incidentally. On a daily basis, I leave them to their own devices, for good or for ill.

Tomorrow…An Unexpected Turn of Events!

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