No Bed Of Roses, No Pleasure Cruise….

A variant of a Tales of Adequacy Variant!  We rarely do that!

A variant of a Tales of Adequacy Variant! We rarely do that!

This came about for an odd set of reasons. I’ve previously discussed the huge number of variant covers for the actual Marvel Comics “Champions”, Vol. 2, issue No. 1. Heck, I drew art for it, with the cast members above present on it. If you missed it, scroll down a bit…it was Wednesday, not the far past.

You’re back from scrolling? Great.

The first thing that came together to make this happen was actually on Wednesday. I went out to dinner with a close friend, and we stopped off at a comic book shop…in part, to pick up “Champions.” To my surprise…that shop had already sold out of their entire stash of “Champions.” That was kind of unheard of…although I know that the shop where I will be on Sunday has plenty of copies in stock. I was surprised that the book has such solid speculative sales figures, especially given its “Swiss Army Knife” approach to casting…where it is trying to be all things, to all fans. Reviews of the book have been pretty good…generally positive. I’m looking forward to it.

The second thing was more in line with the general content of Adequacy, while at the same time being closely set with the ideas behind the current “Champions” book. I have been having this series of minor disagreements with Administration, and with the Leadership class, about Teacher Involvement in activities at school. I’ve touched on that in other posts, but this week, adults on campus have really brought that to a head in a way that I find stupefying. Among the things that puzzle me, and I’ve had frustration over are some of the following:

1. Being informed, by the principal, that as Junior Class Advisor, I should not, ever, give advice to Juniors on their activities. Advice is solely to be given via the Leadership teacher, or Administration.
2. There is a “not hats” rule for students at our school, unless it is in fact, a school hat. There is no school hat. I designed one, to deal with this hypocritical rule, and was told, “No thanks.”
3. A meeting was called by another teacher, to Advise the Juniors. Neither the Leadership teacher or Administration were there, or aware of it.
4. I was signed up, by another teacher, to do Teacher Karaoke at school. Without asking me…it was assumed that I “just do the activities, right?”
5. Despite a constant clamor by administration for teachers to be involved in school activities, i was actually told that “the involvement of any individual teacher isn’t that essential.”

Those are a few…but you see the tone. It’s mostly “Hey, we want and/or need you to help” followed by “Thanks, but no thanks.” It gets me to the point where I actively think about my time, and now weigh which activities I feel like I should be a part of.

Still…despite my breaking off from the “adults”, a number of students that I like and respect have already “penciled me in” for late October activities. It was important to them, and they asked for my help ages ago….so of course, I’ll drag my carcass out for them. That should make for interesting adult interactions, and a probable future post. The key here is what’s going on in the art…the protagonist rolling out with motivated young superheroes, to do things that they feel are important.

You see? A heavy handed metaphor for my current interaction with campus activities. I love it.

I once again went with the “lightened background/retro cover” collaging idea, because I liked the way the first one came out, and felt that it provided some kind of visual unity with that first one. As a result, I have the un-collaged pencils as a separate image, which you can check out here:

The original pencils.

The original pencils.

This week had an activity that was supposed to happen on Wednesday, but was cancelled at the last minute, due to “Leadership Issues.” There’s a whole lot of that going around, and when I asked about it, I was “waved off.” Seriously, a hand wave and dismissive look, not even words.

@#$% that noise.

Be back for the next issue, True Believers…with 100 percent more creepy clowns! (Seriously, this is a nationwide school issue right now).


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