Marvel Puzzle Quest: And Now….Gwenpool!

The forced perspective here was a tough chore.  I'm mostly happy with it.

The forced perspective here was a tough chore. I’m mostly happy with it.

In October of 2016, “Gwenpool” was announced as the newest character in the match-three mobile game Marvel Puzzle Quest to celebrate the third anniversary of the game’s release. Readers know that I rather like the Marvel Puzzle Quest game, and the weekend saw a hard push by me to unlock the “Gwenpool” character. I succeeded in unlocking Gwen, but making her better will be a pretty big chore. Sort of like the way it has taken a while to make the Ghost Rider into a decently playable character.

Still, I’m quite satisfied that Gwenpool has actually been unlocked, which is part of the reason that she has hijacked our strip today.

So…”What’s a Gwenpool?” you ask? Good question.

The character design that eventually would become the character of Gwenpool originated as an amalgam of Gwen Stacy and Deadpool from a variant cover of “Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars” No. 2 by Chris Bachalo. It was one of twenty variant covers published due to the popularity of “Spider-Gwen” in June of 2015.

As a result of the character becoming popular with fans, especially in being used as a basis for cosplay, Marvel produced two stories featuring Gwenpool as a character. One was a backup story in the series “Howard the Duck”, and one was a one-shot…the “Gwenpool Holiday Special”, No. 1. Despite the name “Gwenpool”, the character in fact has no relation to either Deadpool or Gwen Stacy. A retcon in the “Howard the Duck” backup story revealed her name to actually be “Gwen Poole”, not Gwen Stacy, or even an alternate version of Gwen Stacy.

Following the one-shot, an ongoing series called “The Unbelievable Gwenpool” by the same creative team was announced, which started in April of 2016. Chris Hastings is the writer…the same guy that does “The Adventures of Dr. McNinja,” a fabulous web comic.

She has a very, very simple backstory. Through means yet to be revealed, Gwen Poole arrived to the Marvel Universe from what she claims to be “the real world.” Unwilling to be an “extra,” she went to a tailor for super-heroes and requested her own costume to stand out. The tailor complied, but misread Gwen’s application form, and thought Gwen went by the alias of “Gwenpool”. Unlike other Marvel comic book characters, Gwenpool has no real superpowers, but has vast knowledge trivia from Marvel comic books in her universe (such as every secret identity of heroes and villains). She uses this information cleverly, such as taking down the Black Cat’s criminal empire and to stopping Jane Foster (Thor) from attacking her.

There you have it. The Cliff’s Notes Version of the history of a popular new Marvel character that I am pretty satisfied to have on my Puzzle Quest Roster.


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