Comics Cover Madness…In Color!

After doing this, I now understand why so many people use marker.

After doing this, I now understand why so many people use marker.

A short post…mostly because the whole point was to add the proper color version of yesterday’s art. I didn’t scan the inked version, which was the middle step in black and white between yesterday’s pencil sketch, and this. Mostly, I didn’t post the inks because yesterday was very much a “process of art” post, and the day before that….I imagine that could be getting just a little bit boring to look at.

I think for a cover this complex, I need to draw on a bigger board. The members of Queen in the robot’s hand get a bit lost in the shuffle, and you really don’t have any detail with the stressed out unicorn pony in the back seat. He IS pretty worried. A relatively new pony, without any real experience of this madness, having eighties rock icons dropped on him from a great height by a robot…the guy hasn’t really had time to adjust to that, you know?

Our hero is wearing her green and red “Drax” shirt….but it gets lost in the shuffle of everything happening. There’s a lot of little detail here, which is why I think a bigger board would be key, and a diversity of marker tips.

Even with all of those flaws, I rather like the final product. The whole point of this endeavor is to challenge myself, and improve my practice at art, so really…I think this made a few conceptual jumps happen for me, which is a good thing.

And now…off to play X-Wing with friends! That also involves vehicles (I really like the way the convertible jet came out), but none of them are “open concept”…so it would be much harder to use any of them to bail out Freddie Mercury and his friends.

Just saying…it’s a flaw in X-Wing.

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