And Now…Chicken Lo Mein!

Hot noodles are very important.

Hot noodles are very important.

Thursday, after school, I sat in traffic for a very long time. The goal was to get home, and upon getting home, go right back out again to have Chinese Food. There was a Plan, and that Plan had a six thirty meeting at the Chinese Restaurant, which isn’t far from where I live at all. Still…with the week going as it has been, I should have known that this “outing” would be more than met the eye.

In fact, Thursday in general had its odd challenges. To start off with…we did not have our planned, statewide Earthquake Drill, as expected. Normally…I would be only too glad to have the time back, except I had actually planned around the safety drill in organizing my day. The sudden subtraction of it was organizationally complicated, because I basically got a free hour that I was unprepared for. It all worked out for the best…and I am fairly certain that much of California went on this the Quake Drill, as planned. So…that happened.

Mock Trial planning has started in earnest in each class. It went oddly slower than I thought it might, and my co-teacher wasn’t in today, for health reasons. This meant that my own productivity was actually slightly lower than expected…and I still need to put together my “Pre-Trial Seating Chart.” That will happen today, as well as beginning the long list of Pre-Trial Tasks.

There are many hand outs and “graphic organizers.” Modern education loves those kinds of things.

With all of that sort of ebb and flow in the workplace, odd traffic patterns that disrupt my ability to get Chinese Food are par for the course. The more salient part of today’s two panels is in Cap’s attitude. She’s stressed out, and cranky, because she’s trying to make things go the right way, and they just won’t. It’s how I’m feeling about all these little obstacles that are getting in the way of my planning and execution of lessons right now.

I imagine that Cap and Gwen Stacey are going to have Chinese Food with some sort of Important Ensemble Cast. That’s mostly because I had to go have Chinese Food with a rather large Ensemble Cast of people, and that can also be rather a lot at the end of a Big Day.

At least the both of us will get Hot Noodles. Sometimes, at the end of a rough day or a rough week, the simple goodness of Hot Noodles are what it is really all about, True Believers.

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