Knocked For A Loop.

Watch those hands, Iceman...she's going to get the wrong idea.

Watch those hands, Iceman…she’s going to get the wrong idea.

So…yes. I opened up an email from the Edu-Lords this weekend, which stated that this week would have two days with a “special bell schedule,” and our safety drill would take place on Monday…rescheduled from last week’s cancellation. That throws away at least a whole class period on Monday, and shortens the class periods on Tuesday and Friday.

Honestly…I have no idea why the bell schedule is shorter on Tuesday…I’m assuming a “professional development” training day. It was eclipsed in my vision by the Friday change to schedule. You see, on Friday, starting around 1:30 PM, we will be having a School Wide Pep Rally that will last until the end of the standard school day. That Pep Rally will be for Homecoming, which is that Friday.

Before it seems like I’m being a bit unreasonable…administration keeps asking staff to teach “intervention classes” after school, or on Saturdays, because too many of the students are not meeting state graduation standards. If you’re asking teachers to spend extra hours…maybe, just MAYBE, you shouldn’t @#$% around too much with the hours in the regular school day? I would think the magic eight ball would agree with me on that one.

Still…this is my week, starting today. It’s frustrating to be asked to set up “engaging student activities” that are “both rigorous and ambitious” and then not be given the real time to get them done. I was doing all of my pre-trial activities for Mock Trial this week…and I’m losing about an hour of instructional time, per class, over the week…at least one class will be losing around two hours. That’s tough to make up for.

I’m also slated to supervise many of the student activities this week, so I’ll be working hard, both on and off the clock. There are only a few teachers that stick around for that kind of thing, so I’m pretty much on my own.

So…no wonder Cap got knocked over by that schedule. It’s like a Venom Symbiote leaped out of her computer, ran around the Fortress knocking stuff over, laughed, and jumped out the window.

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