Kaiju Takeover!

Whoa!  A whole lot of action this week, True Believers!

Whoa! A whole lot of action this week, True Believers!

Part of the reason that Deadpool is in this piece is that there are so many opportunities to draw FEET. Rob Liefeld created Deadpool, and goes out of his way to NOT draw feet. This image is dominated by a giant monster foot, and features four other feet in various positions. I actually hid the feet on Deadpool, in a move that is related to, but not actually, irony. So THERE, Rob.

I needed to represent a temperamental disaster, that would act out randomly and without any real way to supervise it. You know…to represent, metaphorically, school scheduling at the Edu-Mountain this week. That giant, genetically modified, possibly radioactive Kaiju foot seemed to do the trick.

Let’s get some context here, people. Monday, we were supposed to have our Earthquake safety drill at 8:45 AM, which would have disrupted my period one class. That is after we actually moved the drill from last week, where it would have interrupted my period three class. We changed the day because of weather that was “too hot”…because of course, we get to pick the exact time and conditions of devastating earthquakes. However…

It was mildly raining on Monday morning…so the drill was once again cancelled. Now…the drill was set to take place during period five (weather permitting) and if not, it would be done on Tuesday, at some time that was unclear to me. As it was, the drill DID take place during period five…but ran long, because we couldn’t find certain adults. You know, the teachers?

That’s right. During a safety drill, we had trouble accounting for two teachers. It took me a while to get my brain around that.

That made the drill take up about half of period six, really exacerbating the nightmare of scheduling that is this week.

In a related Monday scheduling drama…

During passing period, a student had passed me a note, informing me that I was slated to supervise the “Spirit Week” activities for the lunch period. That would have been fine, I guess…except the scheduling of the Leadership class was as random and erratic as the safety drill. The Leadership class, and teacher, weren’t out there…and really, nothing was happening. However, the speakers were set up, and there was music and a microphone for, well…no activity. It was IncrediBAD.

Today’s schedule will be similarly random. Classes will be shortened, making four periods instead of three periods happen before lunch. Then…in a bizarre move, we will have sixth period right after lunch (also shortened) and THEN students will go to an extended, hour and a half long fifth period. Apparently there is some kind of assembly for some of the students…and I’m not sure what happens with the rest. I guess they are in period five all of that time…I wouldn’t know.

Period Five is my conference period. So, barring unforeseen changes to the schedule (which obviously happen ALL the time now) I will be able to plan out next week’s schedule of lesson plans today…which at least will put me ahead of my usual planning curve. At this point, I will take that small benefit at face value.

There will also be some other kind of “pep rally/spirit week” activity at lunch today…hopefully better handled and executed than Monday’s. We shall see…since I’m apparently on hand to supervise THAT as well. It’s a pretty big week for me in terms of activities supervising, although unlike last year, I’m not actually being asked to contribute to planning them at all. I just have to show up for what happens, and see if it works. It’s considerably less satisfactory.

So…the art came from this set of chaotic ideas in my head. There are some interesting results of that mishmash of weirdness. For instance, we haven’t seen a Deadpool of any kind since the Rascals broke up, over a year ago. Those Unionized Mercenaries are filled with Tenurite, and really don’t care too much if a giant Kaiju steps on them. They just kind of complain and “walk it off.” They certainly don’t do anything to stop the giant radioactive lizards from stomping on anyone or anything…they just kind of go with the flow. Here, our mercenary can be seen reading United Teacher, the UTLA newspaper, which came in my mail yesterday.

Cap has no time to read that fish wrapper. Our hero tends to do things like actually try and stop destructive monsters from ruining things…but isn’t using her most effective methodology here. Sure…she can easy catch the foot of a multi mega ton radioactive lizard and hold it up…she has Silver Age Super Strength. The thing is…Silver Age methods strongly suggest hurling said creature by the tail into a volcano, the sun, the Marianas Trench, or a Black Hole of some kind. You don’t just…hold it up.

See…that’s just a coping strategy, not a solution.

Hopefully, you can see where the metaphor is here. I’m just sort of coping with these radical schedule changes, trying to “work around” them. Usually, I’d speak up and potentially cite drastic, game changing policies and bulletins…the paperwork equivalent of Silver Age Super Strength. I’m trying to avoid all of that here, but it’s more than mildly frustrating.

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